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Guide to lunar living

Pagan Moon Astrology    

Understand what your Moon sign means. Learn about living by the Moon; the power of Moon Spells, gardening by the Moon.

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Astrology Basics

Your Astrology 101.

Learn astrology, read horoscopes and more

If you want to learn astrology, or just gain a better understanding of your birth chart and horoscope, start with the basics. Zodiac signs, planets, houses, and more.

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Astrology Reports, horoscopes

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Spiritual AstrologyWhat is Pagan Astrology?

There are many fields of astrology, and methods of practicing astrology. Some view it as a science; some view it as an art. To some it is simply a factual tool; to some it is spiritually meaningful. Some feel it is personal; some feel it is universal...


Instant Astrology

Online Astrology ReportsA wide variety of personal astrology reports now available online. Created instantly and sent via email within 15 minutes.