Sharla Stone ~ The Pagan Astrologer

I am a professional astrologer, and a Pagan Witch. I grew up in a happy, magickal home in the enchanted Sierra Nevada Foothills of Central California. It’s difficult to answer when I was first introduced to astrology or Paganism. I would have to say as a child, standing under a wise old Oak, watching the Moon rise over towering Pines.

As children, we have not yet learned to question the wisdom whispered by the heart. There wasn’t a time when I learned there is life in the land, power in the Moon and a spiritual connection throughout the Earth. It is something the heart and soul knows, and I was never taught otherwise.

I was blessed to enter this world with a wise and compassionate guide. My Mother, Penny Stone is a Druid/Pagan/Witch – and my best friend to this day. She generously shared her wisdom and love of nature, always encouraging my Sister and I to follow our hearts.

My heart, soul and spirit have led my down a Pagan path of living in harmony with nature, living as a harmonious part of nature. Along that path, I have discovered astrology, from a Pagan point of view. Astrology, Paganism, and the Craft go hand in hand.

My interest in studying astrology began when I was a child. I always have been an avid reader. As soon as I learned how, I set out to read everything in the house. When I found a copy of R.C. Davidson’s “Classic Guide to Understanding your Horoscope” in my Mother’s bookshelf I was fascinated. I still am.

I have found astrology to be a magickal tool. I mean this literally, in spiritual development, spell timing etc. I also mean it as in the expression ‘it works magic’ in your daily life. I hope to share the joy, power, and incredible resources of astrology with as many people as I can – and the internet is a resource giving me the opportunity to do just that.

There is an abundance of astrology websites and blogs, including some generally spiritual astrology. However, there is a shortage of ones intended for Pagans and Witches. I hope to bridge that gap, not by excluding helpful information and resources for the other aspects of your life – instead by including what is Pagan and Wiccan specific.

As a professional astrologer, I offer readings and consultation by phone as well as e-mail. I will accept clients world-wide. I do not have an ‘office’ limiting my services to people within my area.

I specialize in spiritual and psychological, as well as business astrology. Perhaps it seems an odd combination of specialties. However, I offer many services such as electional (timing), horary (answering questions), compatibility, and more. I try to keep my prices low. If you are interested, please email me for more information.

Although I practice astrology professionally, I strive to make its benefits available for free. The purpose of this website and blog is to provide freely available information, available to everyone. I am happy to accept friends on Care2, MySpace and Facebook. You can follow me on twitter @PaganAstrologer for moon sign updates, the Pagan and Wiccan specific astrological influences, and links of interest to Pagans and Witches.

Blessed Be

Sharla, The Pagan Astrologer