Aquarius Moon at a glance



Aquarius is the sign of the rebel; the free thinker. When the Moon falls in Aquarius the winds of change are blowing. This is the time to celebrate your eccentricities and let your hair down.

Whatever is began under an Aquarian Moon is highly unlikely to turn out as planned, or as expected. It's the time for breaking free of repression, difficult circumstances, someone else's influence - anything you wish to break free from. However, if you are looking to begin something for stabilization or structuring you're likely in for an unpleasant surprise if you begin it under this Moon.

The Aquarius Moon can strike a cord of rebellion in the meekest among us. It's not the best time for seeking cooperation in situations where people are at odds. However it is also a time of connections, so it can be excellent for forming friendships, and networks when there is a solid common ground.

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