The Ram, notoriously hot-tempered, impatient and impulsive. Aries eagerly ushers in spring each year.  The power of life itself is manifesting all around us.   The tender seedlings and newborn animals appearing each spring seem so gentle and fragile, yet drawing upon sheer will to survive they outlast the lingering harshness of winter.   The first sign of the Zodiac, and the bearer of new life, Aries is the natural leader.  With fierceness going much deeper than temper, this is the fierceness of vitality and sheer life force. Where ever Aries lies in your chart is where you have this instinctive ability to fearlessly charge ahead.  Not into a battle of words or fists but into the battle for survival, to enter unfamiliar territory full speed and accept whatever challenges await you,  fueled by the fire of life and a fierce, fiery zest for life.