What is Astrology?

You are already familiar with how vital and powerful planetary energy can be. It’s nearly sunrise. You know soon the Sun will cast light upon the world. It’s summer. As the Sun climbs in the sky the light will brighten , the heat will be intense. Although the world around you is cast in dark shadows and the temperature is chilly, you don’t question what’s coming. As the sun rises over the ocean it illuminates waves lapping at the shore. You know the ebb and flow of the sea are brought about by the Moon....    MORE

What is Pagan Astrology?

It is about the phases and cycles.  It's about each individuals response to the planetary energies. It's about our Mother Earth, and how she responds to the energies of the other planets. It's about the God(s) and Goddess(es), as they are associated with specific planets. In short, it's about everything; like spirituality it is all encompassing, intimately personal yet infinitely connected...   MORE

Planetary Hours and Days

This is one of the most basic applications of astrology.  The energy of the planet ruling the day is increased on that day.  Likewise, the energy of the planet ruling the hour is stronger during that hour.  This gives astrologers deeper insight into the influences of a specific time.  It is also a way to select a time (in electional astrology) with more appropriate energies even if the ruling planets ....    MORE

Finding Your Path

If you came here asking what faith/religion/path is right for me, you won't find a simple answer.  Although it is indicated in the birth chart, there are many paths and many faiths, and many variations of each to choose from.  There is usually more than one possibility fitting the description shown in a birth chart.  Besides this, like every area of existence, there is free will  ....    MORE

Mercury Retrograde

Because Mercury has a direct effect on people's thought process, you may find yourself just unable to ‘think straight', or worse yet, when you believe you are clear headed, and sharp minded, you're really off in left field. Don't make important decisions or plans during this time. Not only is your own thinking process at least somewhat altered, the facts aren't all there. Mercury retrogrades are famous for missing information. You decide to plan your vacation. ....   MORE

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