FINANCIAL ASTROLOGY - Using astrology to find financial opportunities and pitfalls, increase one's potential in personal finances, and use current astrological events to assist in wise investments.

FIXED SIGN - The fixed signs are Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius.  They are more inclined toward power and stability.  The Sun occupies a fixed sign during the middle of each season of the year.  See also Triplicity.

FIXED STAR - Astrology A branch of astrology focusing on the placement of fixed stars (those which form the constellations) rather than planets or asteroids.

FORTUNA - See Part of Fortune


GEMINI - The Twins, known as flippant, scattered, talkative and indecisive.  Gemini brings us the hustle and bustle of spring preparing to turn into summer.  Now it's time for the young to learn all they can learn and  see all they can see getting ready for the next phase and making the most of this one.  Plants grow as fast as they can reaching for the sun before the harshness of summer heat sets in and roots reaching into the Earth before the last moisture gives way to summer dryness.  That is Gemini, and wherever you find it in your chart is where you have the capacity for going many directions and a hunger for information.  Not the latest gossip, but everything you need to know, to experience to make the most of what you have and prepare yourself for opening doors. 

GEOCENTRIC PLANETS - position and motion is calculated as they appear from earth (or would appear if they were visible).  This is by far the most common method, because astrology is concerned with how planetary activity effect us here on earth.  Unless otherwise specified, positions aspects and charts are from a geocentric perspective.  See also Heliocentric.


HARD ASPECT - Also called a challenging aspect.  An aspect with challenging, disruptive energies.  Typically a difficult influence, although all aspects have positive and negative potential, depending on how they are navigated by each individual.   For example, a square or opposition is a hard aspect.

HELIOCENTRIC PLANETS - position and motion is calculated as they would appear from the Sun, rather than Earth.  This is occasionally used to gain further insight into a chart, mostly in business or financial astrology.  See also Geocentric.


HORARY ASTROLOGY - Finding the answer to a question from a chart constructed for the moment it was asked. Horary comes from the Latin word Hora meaning hour.

HOUSE - The chart wheel represents the space surrounding where we're born. It is divided into 12 sections called Houses. Each house represents a different environment or set of conditions.


IC - See Immum Coeli

IMMUM COELI - Abbreviated IC.  The cusp of the 4th house.  There are aspects and transits to this point just like there are to a planet.  In a birth chart this represents such things as home, private matters, and deep inner thoughts/dreams.  


JUPITER - Jupiter is where you are opportunistic, optimistic, or excessive. He loves growth. This is where you have big ideas, exuberance, enthusiasm, and a tendency to go to extremes. He represents finances, and your attitude toward money. Jupiter loves humor, belief and faith. He can bring you a love of knowledge, truth , excitement or adventure.

JYOTISH - Sanskrit term for the traditional astrology of India (literally translates to “science of light” ). In the west it is commonly called Hindu or Indian astrology, and in more recent times it has became known as Vedic astrology.


KARMIC ASTROLOGY - Astrology focusing on karmic lessons and goals as well as spiritual development.


LEO - The Lion, famous for being bold, egocentric, and wanting to be famous.  Leo brings us the heart of summer.  Now the plants are mature, the young animals confident in their new role as young adults, not yet facing the perils of winter and thriving.  That is what Leo is all about, not striving simply to exist but to thrive.  Wherever you find Leo in your chart there is an innate drive and optimism, a sense of great things and your ability to make them great.  This isn't referring to holding a belief that you are the greatest thing on Earth and setting out to prove it to the world.  It's about having the drive to do what you must do and risk what you must risk, without completely throwing caution to the wind but supported by the confidence that you are on steady ground and the instinct to get there if you're not.

LIBRA  -The Scales thought of as the flighty chatty socialite, shallow and indecisive.  Libra brings us the first days of fall.  Now the year is waning, the plants nearly at the end of their season yet still producing a few flowers, the animals seeking mates, realizing they must depend on each other for survival, yet still playing like babies on the few deceptively summer-like days.  Everything seems to be busily preparing for  winter while not letting go of summer, seeking a balance.  That is the energy of Libra - the perpetual search for a balance, the awareness of changes.  Where Libra is in your chart you have the ability to understand the paradoxes in life.  Not by focusing on the perpetual other option never making a decision or accepting anyone else's decision, but instinctively knowing a perfect balance equals inertia striving to not always balance the scales but tip them in the right direction and not tip them too far.

LUMINARIES - See Planets

LUNAR  RETURN - When the transiting Moon conjoins your natal Moon.  This means the Moon is currently at the same degree of the same sign it was when you were born.  Occurs approximately every 28 days.


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