MALEFIC - A planet or aspect deemed to be 'bad'.  This is an old term, rarely used today as most astrologers take the free will approach.  It is also inaccurate, because all planets and aspects have some positive and some negative potentials.  There may be more of an inclination one way or the other, but even that is determined by many factors not simply 'it's good because it's a sextile' or 'it's bad because Saturn is involved'.  The traditional malefics are Mars and Saturn.

MARS - Mars is the planetary warrior. He describes what kind of temper you have, and what pushes your buttons. Anytime you are ready to fight, be it literally or figuratively, Mars is springing into action, and action is what he loves. This is where you want to do something, where you are ready and willing (maybe even eager) to take on a challenge. This is also where anger and frustration can fester into bitterness and inner rage if you can’t or won’t do something. Mars is your inner fire - what pushes you over the edge if it burns out of control and what steals your zest for life if it’s extinguished.

MC - See Midheaven

MEDICAL ASTROLOGY - Astrology focusing on the physical health of an individual.  Can be used to help determine possible mental, spiritual or emotional factors, assist in diagnosing problems doctors can not find, warn of potential health problems and possible ways to avoid them, and guide one in determining their personal healthy lifestyle.

MEDIUM COELI - See Midheaven

MERCURY - Mercury is all about communication. He represents everything from your manner of speech and hand writing style to your perceptive skills. This is where you find some things easy or difficult to express, and how you prefer to express them. He is your love or hatred for reading, writing, and public speaking. He represents your immediate thoughts and how you process information. Does your mind race or slowly analyze . Do you notice what is said or what is implied? Are you easily scattered or do you have a one track mind? It probably depends on the situation, and how your mind handles what situation depends on the placement of your Mercury. He is how you communicate with the world around you and vice versa.

MIDHEAVEN - Abbreviation MC, also called Medium Coeli. The cusp of the 10th house in a chart.  This point in the chart is as important as planets.  There are aspects and transits to this point just like there are to a planet.  In a birth chart this represents such things as career choices, public activity, and position in society.

MOON - Your Moon is your emotional nature. It relates to your inner self, often reflecting the things you keep hidden to protect your ‘sensitive side’. Your moon is where you may be moody, indulgent, or easily wounded. It’s also where you find contentment, and what tells you when something feels right, safe, or comfortable. This is where you ‘feel’ good, bad, tuned in, uneasy etc.

MOON'S NODES - These are the points where the path or the Sun and the Path of the Moon intersect.  Both Sun and Moon move through the Zodiac signs in the same direction, Full Moon occurring when they are opposite each other and New Moon occurring when they are at the same point.  However, their paths are not perfectly straight, so they are not usually aligned in both directions on New and Full Moon (just as two straight lines can be in the same spot horizontally, but not vertically, so they don't intersect).  If they were to trace a line in the sky as they traveled, the nodes would be the points where those lines intersected, and the point of that intersection moves very slowly through the Zodiac, as the Sun and Moon travel at different speeds (creating a approximately 18 year cycle for the nodes the move through all Zodiac signs.  Therefore, the nodes have a Zodiac sign and degree, forming aspects just like a planet even though most of the time the Sun nor Moon is there (like an intersection exists whether or not cars are present).  the paths cross (at the nodes).  The Moon crosses this intersection every month, and the Sun does about every 6 months.  When the Sun is at or near a node,  then on Full and New Moon we have eclipses because they are at the same point both directions, so the Earth casts a shadow on the Moon, or the Moon blocks our view of the Sun.    See also North Node; South Node; and eclipse.

MUNDANE ASTROLOGY - Mundane astrology is the astrological interpretation of trends, politics, world affairs etc. The name comes from the Roman word Mundus meaning world.

MUTABLE SIGN - The Mutable signs are Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.  They are more inclined toward flexibility, changes, and learning.  The sun occupies a mutable sign at the end on each season on the year with the new season beginning as the Sun exits the mutable sign and enters a cardinal one.  See also Triplicity.


NEPTUNE - Neptune is the planetary dreamer. This is the part of you that rejects logic, doesn’t want solid or definitive. He is the part of your mind that questions, reality and loves daydreams. This is where you know that what you don’t see is more important than what you see. This is where you are capable of intuition, perception, awareness of the subtle and spiritual attunement. Here you may also be deceived or deceptive, never certain of fact or fantasy. This is the twilight zone, where anything is possible and nothing is sure.

NORTH NODE - Also called the Dragon's head or Caput Draconis.  This is the north node of the Moon (the opposite point of the south node).  Represents the future, a point of potential for growth and learning, often a positive point in financial matters.  See also Moon's Nodes.


OPPOSITION - An aspect of 180 degrees.  The opposition represents two planets who are at odds with each other.  This aspect can bring conflicts and imbalance or excessiveness.  This is a hard, or challenging aspect.

ORB  The orb is the number of degrees from the precise aspect angle. For example an opposition is exactly 180 degrees. Two planets 178 degrees apart are said to be in opposition with a 2 degree orb.


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