SAGITTARIUS - The Archer, described as irresponsible, good-humored and ever restless.  Sagittarius brings an end to fall, too late for big efforts to prepare for winter the plants drop their seeds, foliage of summer plants gone, the evergreens take center stage.  Animals set out to explore the changing landscape or move on to friendlier territory.  It seems only the adventurous creatures want to roam, and they are thriving on the approach of winter.  This is the spirit of Sagittarius.  Where it falls in your chart you have the drive for new experience, not by aimlessly wandering, dodging the unpleasant but by seeking knowledge, learning new landscapes whether it be by physical travel, cultural diversity, continued education, or any other means you can expand your horizons enriching your life, by exploring the apparently barren landscape, knowing it has something to offer.

SATURN - Saturn is a serious, sometimes even repressive energy. This is where you find restrictions, both good and bad. He brings self control, wisdom, tradition and habits. When you have strength to go on under adverse circumstances and determination against impossible seeming odds you are relying on Saturn. On the other hand when you repress yourself, bowing to social pressure, insecurity, or fear of failure the darker side of Saturn is taking control. He builds walls, the ones that provide structure and support as well as the ones that block your path.

SCORPIO - The Scorpion, viewed as passionate to a fault, obsessive, and compulsive.  Scorpio reigns in the heart of fall.  There is a sense of urgency now, animals desperate to prepare for winter and plants ripening their seeds to sow for the coming year.  Every being seems keenly aware of the coming perils and what is not going to survive.  It seems as if all growth ceases and the ultimate seasonal transition is sharply in focus.  That is the energy of Scorpio, and where it falls in your chart you have the ability for intensity, transition, awareness, and acceptance of the darker side as another natural phase.  This doesn't mean becoming obsessed and depressed, it means understanding the shadow-side of things, accepting your losses and realizing an ending is a transformation to approach a new beginning, while drawing on your deepest emotions and drives to power you through the most difficult times.

SEXTILE - An aspect of 60 degrees.  The sextile represents a harmonious, energetic, exciting exchange between two planets.  This aspect often brings opportunity and generates activity. This is a soft, or easy aspect.

SOFT ASPECT - Also called an easy aspect.  An aspect with flowing, harmonious energy.  Typically a positive influence, although all aspects have positive and negative potential, depending on how they are navigated by each individual.   For example, a sextile or trine is a soft aspect.

SOLAR RETURN - When the transiting Sun conjoins your natal Sun.  This means the Sun is currently at the same degree of the same sign it was when you were born.  Typically occurs on your birth day, but occasionally the day before or after, due to leap-year.

SOUTH NODE - Also called the Dragon's tail or Cauda Draconis.  This is the south node of the Moon (the opposite point of the north node).  Represents natural (often inherited or remembered) skills and talents, past lives, and things that need to be overcome.  It can be a difficult point in financial matters. See also Moon's Nodes

SPIRITUAL ASTROLOGY - Astrology focusing on the spiritual side of things.  The birth chart can indicate psychic abilities, karma, destiny, past lives and so on.  This can help with soul development, finding meaning in everyday life, and lessons in the challenges we face.

SQUARE - An aspect of 90 degrees.  The square represents a challenging exchange between two planets.  This aspect can bring difficulties but also gives inclinations toward ambition, action and decisiveness.  This is a hard, or challenging aspect.

STAR SIGN - The Sun sign is sometimes called the star sign.

STATION - A planet appears to stand still for a moment as it changes from retrograde to direct or vice versa. It is called stationary for the brief time it is not moving. When it is said a planet stations, it is changing direction, this can mean either way. For example Mercury stationed on 06/15/07, he was then retrograde from 06/15/07 until 07/09/07 when he stationed and then was direct until the next retrograde cycle began.

STATIONARY - See 'Station'

SUN SIGN - Sun Sign is the Zodiac sign an individual's Sun falls in. Your Sun sign is sometimes refereed to as your Zodiac sign.  In reality all the zodiac signs are present in every chart.  You have a Sun sign, a Moon sign, a Mercury sign, and so on.  

SUN - The Sun is the center of the solar system, it’s light nourishes and gives life to beings on earth. In your birth chart it serves a similar purpose, psychologically. It represents the confidence, will, self image, desire to achieve, ego etc. This does not mean that your sun is the sole deciding factor in who you are. Each planet serves a psychological purpose, however the others’ are more specific. The Sun is a general influence, affecting all areas of your psychological makeup, and serving as a focal point. He is the center of your own personal ’solar system’ as it’s shown in your birth chart.

SYNASTRY - The comparison of two birth charts to determine the compatibility of the couple.  This can describe strengths, weaknesses in the relationship as well as areas where one person brings out the beat or worst in another.  This can be used for friendships or professional relationships as well as romantic.



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