TAURUS - The Bull, classically depicted as patient and stubborn, slow but steady.  Taurus follows Aries, as the young animals gain strength, the tiny seedlings develop roots.  All of the new beginnings are now turning into something solid, not upset by slow progress but steadily gaining strength to prepare for busy days ahead.  That is the function of this sign bringing an innate connection with earth an instinct to solidify.  Wherever you find Taurus in your birth chart is where you have the ability to persevere, to hold steady, not to out-stubborn your friends but finding, developing and constantly building the strength to move on and the determination to calmly follow through until you see solid manifestation of your efforts.

TRANSIT - The term transit is used in several ways, referring to current planetary position and motion as opposed to natal planets. A transit-to-natal aspect is an aspect from a planet, where it is in the sky at the moment the aspect occurs, to a planet in your natal cart, where it was at the moment you were born. This affects you personally. A transit-to-transit aspect is between the current position of two planets and affects the general population . The time a planet spends moving thought a sign is also called transiting. For example the Sun transits through Aries typically from March 21st - April 20th.

TRINE - An aspect of 120 degrees.  The trine represents an extremely harmonious energy flow between two planets.  This aspect can be very favorable, but may be so harmonious or subtle it's benefits are overlooked, it often represents talents or opportunities not utilized.  This is a soft, or easy aspect.

TRIPLICITY - Each Zodiac sign has one of three qualities, cardinal, fixed or mutable.  This is referred to as the sign's triplicity.  As you go through the Zodiac, these qualities are in the same order Aries - Cardinal, Taurus - Fixed, Gemini - Mutable, Cancer - Cardinal…  See also Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable


URANUS - Uranus is the rebel, the unexpected. He’s the side of you that doesn’t care if everyone is shocked, or hopes they are! This is where you find a love of change, and a hatred of authority. This is where you find your quirks and eccentricities, as well as a craving for freedom. Whatever part of yourself and your life you want your way, whether anyone likes it or not, is where your Uranus resides.



VENUS - Venus is a magnetic energy. She represents what you are drawn to. This is where you find what you want, what ‘creature comforts’ you enjoy, and what material possessions matter to you. She is your fashion sense, taste in decorating and what you consider beautiful. Venus also, of course represents who you want both in friends and romantically (she is best known for her association with romance). Wherever you find pleasure - in people, in things in beauty- you will find Venus.

VIRGO - The Virgin, called pure and strict, criticizing and analytical.  The sign of Virgo brings us the last days of summer, and the beginning preparation for fall.  Now it's time to get serious, young animals less interested in play, as they sense a changing season approaching and the plants are ripening fruits, developing seeds, approaching the harvest phase.  It's time to cut out the nonsense. That's Virgo.  Wherever Virgo occupies your chart you have the instinct to streamline, organize and improve efficiency.  This isn't accomplished by trying to find and eliminate every flaw in everyone you know, but by tirelessly seeking a better way.  This is where you have endless capacity for the effort required to improve, and the patience and attention you figure out how.


WANING - Decreasing; in astrology it usually refers to the last half of a cycle.  It is most often used in reference to Moon phases, after full Moon before New Moon is the waning part of the cycle.  It can also refer to other cycles, for example: Midsummer is the longest day of the year, and the half-way point in the cycle of the year.  The year is waning from midsummer to midwinter, when it is the shortest day and the new cycle begins.

WAXING - Increasing; in astrology it usually refers to the first half of a cycle.  It is most often used in reference to Moon phases, after New Moon, before Full Moon is the waxing part of the cycle.  It can also refer to other cycles, for example: Midwinter is the shortest day of the year, and the begins the cycle of the year.  The year is waxing from midwinter to midsummer, when it is the longest day and half way through the cycle.

WESTERN ASTROLOGY - The most common method of astrology in the western world.  This is the method terms in this dictionary are referring to.  See also Jyotish Astrology.


ZODIAC SIGN - The signs of the Zodiac are based on the Earth's annual journey around the Sun. This is called the Tropical (or seasonal) Zodiac.



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