PISCES - The Fish, the traditionally dreamy, unrealistic, and overly emotional sign of the Zodiac.  Pisces brings the official last days of winter.  Spring fever abounds, plants are sprouting like crazy, animals emerging care-free.  There is an impatience to be done with winter now, everything seems to be focused on the more frequent spring like days.  This unquestioning belief in what's not yet here, instinctive understanding of seasonal evolution is Pisces.  Where it falls in your chart you have the ability to accept the unknown as your reality.  Not by living in a fantasy world, but by sensing the reality beyond facts and figures.  This is where you are your most creative, imaginative, and intuitive.  Here you are not limited by science, proven facts and the here and now.  You can freely think ahead, look back, and make something new and creative out of what you have now. 

PLANETS - Scientifically the Sun, Moon and Pluto are not planets. However, astrologically they are usually referred to as planets, because their energies, influences, and meanings in a chart are of a planetary nature. The Sun and Moon are sometimes referred to as the luminaries because they are the two planets that cast light on the Earth, and are especially important in astrology.

PLUTO - Pluto is all about depth, power and darkness. He is how you deal with death, crisis and tragedy. This is where you keep your deepest wounds and most traumatic memories. This is also where you find your deepest desires and truest, raw emotions. This is how you deal with the ‘ugly truth’ whether you have a fascination with the taboo or shy away, it’s your Pluto reacting. He is the part of you that is capable of comprehending and facing the inevitable, and the darker aspects of the world around you as well as within you. This is a planet of absolute, often harsh, reality.

POLARITY - See Duality

PROGRESSION - A method of interpretation using a formula for progressing natal planets, most commonly 1year to 1 day. For example if you are 31 years old, your progressed Venus is in whatever degree and sign Venus was 31 days after your birth.

PSYCHOLOGICAL ASTROLOGY - Interpreting a chart from a psychological point of view.  Similar in many ways to traditional psychology, but using the birth chart to understand the psychology of using one method or model of mind and emotion for everyone.

RECTIFICATION - Determining the time of birth when it is unknown or uncertain.  There are many methods including comparing important life events to different possible birth charts.


RELOCATION ASTROLOGY - Astrology to help people determine likely condition in places they are considering moving, and the impact it will have on them.  It is also used to help people find an appropriate location if they want to move to encourage specific changes in their lives.  This can be used for businesses moving or opening a new branch, office, or store.

RETROGRADE - Although planets do not technically change direction, from our perspective here on Earth they appear to move backwards in the sky during certain parts of their orbits.

RISING SIGN - The Zodiac sign on the cusp of the first house.  This is the sign that was rising at the moment of that particular chart.

RULER - This means a planet or sign has particularly strong influence over something.  The Zodiac signs all have one or two planets ruling them, for example the Sun rules Leo, so the Sun has particularly strong influence on anything falling in the sign of Leo.  Any thing, event, or activity also has one or more planets and signs ruling it.  For example, Mercury rules communication, so when Mercury is retrograde communication is more difficult.


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