I offer standard pricing for natal chart and general forecast readings, however people often seek guidance for a very specific reason. If you need a specialized reading focusing on a certain area of your life, answering specific questions, timing a planned event, or anything else not covered by the ‘standards’ just contact me.



I offer personal reports, in writing, for you to review as many times as you would like.  This can be interpretations of your natal chart, events, outlook for future plans... Just tell me what you would like to know.  You are here because you are seeking, and I am here to help.  Written reports usually average in price from $50.00 - $200.00 depending on what you are looking for.  I do not take Astrology or your life lightly.  A great deal of time goes into interpretation, and each situation is unique.  Some interpretations are more complex, and therefore time consuming. I cannot give price quotes for special requests without information about what it is you are seeking.  If you are interested in a written report please contact me for price or further information.  


Sometimes mail, or email just isn't adequate.  If you want to be able to discuss your issues and ask questions about the reading phone consultation is available.  When you need to talk things over with a friend, someone who knows you and understands what you are feeling (perhaps better than you do) yet no one seems to understand - that's when you turn to your personal astrologer.  I understand you better by looking at your chart than if I had known you for years.   Prices for phone consultation are

Personal : $150.00 for one hour, $250.00 for 2 hours.    

Business: $200.00 for one hour, $350.00 for 2 hours.  

Contact me for further information and appointment availability. 

All appointments must be pre-paid.  Canceled appointments will be refunded, only if they are canceled at least 7 days in advance.  Appointments canceled less than 7 days in advance are non-refundable.