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The Sky Within

Birth report with text by Steven Forrest



Sky Log

Transit Report with text by Steven Forrest


Friends and Lovers

Printed version of this famous compatibility report.

Day Watch

A variety of reports - many are great tools for both the accomplished and aspiring astrologer.

Relationship Reports

From dating to marriage; family and friends; even co-workers and business partners - it’s all about compatibility. These reports help you better understand yourself, the other person, and the dynamics of the relationship.

The Friends Report - For all platonic relationships. By Michael Erlewine

The Lovers Report - For all romantic relationships. By Michael Erlewine

The Eros Report - For all sexual relationships. By John Townley

Standard Reports

The most often requested astrological reports. Understanding yourself and your life through your birth chart.

Astro Talk - This is one of the best all-around birth chart interpretations you can get. In depth detail, with easy to understand language. By Michael Erlewine

Time Line - Your all in one astrology forecast. Transits, directions, and progressions in one easy to understand report. By Michael Erlewine


Star Types

StarTypes is a 21st Century technique, combining historical astrology and modern astronomy for the first time in a unique report. by Michael Erlewine

Life Path - Career Guidance - understanding your talents, abilities and direction.

Life Chakras - An astrological understanding of your chakras.

Star Types Profile - Especially useful in understanding your approach to relationships.

Star Types Compatibility - An astrological relationship compatibility report from Michael Erlewine’s unique Star Type method.

Star Types Life Strategy - How to turn what you have into what you want!

Planet Forecasts

This is another great collection of reports written by Michael Erlwine.  Each report focuses an individual planet. It explains how that planet figures into your natal charts as well as how it will effect your life in the immediate future.

Mercury - connecting and communicating

Venus - love and values

Mars - drive and ambition

Jupiter - career and life path

Saturn - discipline and control

Uranus - innovation and insight

Neptune - spirituality and imagination

Pluto - transformation

Looking for something more personal? Although these reports are excellent, a computer generated astrology report doesn’t take the place of advice from your personal astrologer. If you are interested in personal astrology readings, please visit my Astrologer page.