In-depth, personal reading of your own birth chart

It's all about you!  Want to know what the planets, houses, signs and aspects are saying about you?  The birth chart reading is one of the most common requests astrologers receive. This can be the ultimate tool in self-discovery.   Your birth chart is like a map of your inner self.  This is where you discover how to tap into your hidden strengths and develop your natural talents.  It can help you understand your deepest fears and accept or combat your weaknesses.  One of the most basic truths in life is no one is all good, or bad - we are simply different.  It's time to stop comparing yourself to the ‘social norm’, and stop trying to be everything everyone says you should.  It's time to start learning who you are, who you really are.   

 A birth chart reading is sometimes referred to as a personality profile, although I don't like that term.  It is much deeper than that, it is a personality profile, an emotional profile, and a soul profile.  Always remember, not even the world's best astrologers, psychologists or psychics can tell you exactly how you feel and who you are inside.  This report is meant to lead you on a journey of self discovery.  Only you can take that journey, choose your path and discover the great treasure of self understanding.  I will help you find your way, illuminating the possibilities, inner motivations, and unique psychological makeup shown in your chart.  This is your toolkit, an invaluable resource but it is up to you to use it.

This is a complete birth chart reading, including houses, planets, aspects and signs in your chart.  If there are specific areas of interest to you, please tell me what and I will focus more on those issues.  


Delivered by email, as a PDF file. Please allow up to 2 weeks, as I take a great deal of time in preparation and requests are filled in the order received.

Birth Chart Reading


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