Full moon Friday

Eclipses, feared by some and beloved by others, are known as harbingers of change. Friday’s Full Moon is no exception. In fact, the winds of change may be blowing a bit harder than usual. The Moon will be in Sagittarius, facing off against a powerful Gemini Sun. These are both mutable signs, the most changeable and free-flowing influences of the zodiac. In fact, the eclipse chart is predominantly mutable, with a strong emphasis on Gemini. Along with the sun, we have expansive Jupiter, and a promising Venus-Mercury conjunction, occupying the sign of the twins.

Gemini is the most restless energy there is, flitting to and fro seeming to accomplish nothing. The secret being, it’s not meant to be something. Gemini is about information, experience, interaction, ideas, details…

The result of this elliptical face-off is a change of perspective, understanding, and direction. Exactly how it will manifest in your life, and what area it will manifest in, depend heavily on your own birth chart. Every person is different. But, for most people, these three steps are key to making the most of the energy: Keep an open mind, embrace inner change, look before you leap.

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