Healthy Moon, happy heart

Many astrologers will tell you that a healthy moon is the key to happiness. Why? Your Moon, that is the position of the Moon in your birth chart, is your emotional hub.
Healthy relationships start with healthy hearts. It can be easy to reason away negative emotions, at least in your mind. The problems is that emotions do not actually live in your mind, so this approach often results in a disconnect.
“Sure, I’m okay,” you think. “There’s no reason to be angry, and I shouldn’t take it personally. I knew this kind of situation would happen from time to time. I anticipated it, and accepted it. How silly would I be to get upset now?” Great. So you’ve thought it through, and you’re just fine. Except you’re not fine. You didn’t work through any emotions. You don’t even know why you’re upset about something so trivial. The only conclusion you came to is that you’re wrong. In reality, the only “wrong” here is that conclusion. Emotions are never wrong. Or right. They just are. Sometimes it is wrong to act on emotions, to use them in decision making, but it is never wrong to feel them. And this simple reality changes everything.

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