The nature of new beginnings and New Moon

New Moon is the time for new ideas, directions, projects, and perspectives. People often time things to begin on New Moon for maximum cosmic momentum, but today doesn’t have to be a “launch date.” The seed of a new cycle is just beginning to sprout. Inspiration, enthusiasm, synchronicity, and intuition are just as important as details and definitive plans
First steps

If you set out to wander through the woods, you may not have a destination in mind. You are keenly aware of how easy it is to change direction early in the journey. That means your first few steps probably aren’t chosen according to any plan or greater reason. More likely, you move towards a particularly inviting shade tree, or away from an eerily shadowed path. Or maybe you turn your back to the sun or wind for more pleasant walking, or choose a well-maintained path for easy navigation.

This is the nature of the New Moon. It begins a new cycle, a new phase, and brings opportunities for new starts. More importantly, it brings the opportunity for new directions. Yet, in the natural flow, there is rarely a dramatic change, or a conscious choice to set upon a new path. Rather, there are whims, sparks of inspiration, surges of enthusiasm… Like walking idly in the woods, things that catch our attention, and draw us to wander in that direction. Or fears surface, and push us away from a direction. Or, we ignore the fleeting interests, and simply opt for the course of lease resistance.

In any case, the steps you take early in the lunar cycle can define the direction you are likely to continue, so pay attention to the nuances of life, whatever intrigues and inspires you.

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