Aries New Moon – Light a fire

2ariAries is known as the sign of the warrior, quick to act and quick to react. That gives today’s New Moon an edgy feeling of restlessness and spontaneity. While it’s always wise to look before you leap, Aries doesn’t always give much time for that and you might need to answer quickly if opportunity comes knocking!

A New Moon is the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and it is the beginning of a new cycle in our lives as well. Don’t worry if you don’t have all your plans in in place. The Aries Moon is not inclined toward long term goals and over-thought ideas. It is bursting the energy of life force itself. In keeping with the energy of the Spring season, there is a focus on growth and forward momentum.

This is a time to trust your instincts, and give priority to what feels right. Don’t weigh yourself down with regrets, bitterness, or guilt of yesterday. What’s done is done and what’s not is not. You cannot revisit joys or opportunities of the past, nor can you return to correct mistakes. You can only move forward, so don’t feel bad about leaving it all behind and looking ahead. Focus on what sparks your inner fire, fuel your journey with enthusiasm, live in the moment and look to the future.

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  1. Allison
    Posted April 18, 2015 at 10:20 am | Permalink

    thank you for your wisdom.

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