Lessons from an Autumn Garden

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Here in Northern California, the weather is just turning cold as October leaves us and November arrives. Nearly every year I have a vegetable garden, and this is the time of year it begins fading. The plants are yellowing and straggly. They bear the weight of a few oversized fruits that were missed during harvest, and a few underdeveloped ones that set too late to ripen. Sometimes we’ve already had a frost, killing off the green leaves. Yet, it doesn’t feel sad or tired. It takes on a notably peaceful atmosphere.

I find solace in a waning Autumn garden, for the plants are not bemoaning what wasn’t accomplished, nor are they touting what was accomplished. They are not looking back, they are looking ahead. The season of growth has passed, they are at peace with that. As leaves return to the Earth and slowly disintegrate, they are preparing and nourishing the soil. As the last lingering fruits rot and fall from the vines, they are planting their seeds.
In their intuitive wisdom, plants know they need to let go of their leaves, of their fruits, of their seeds. They know much of this year’s work is falling apart. By spring, they fallen leaves and the fruit surrounding seeds will be unrecognizable. But it is not something lost, it is something gained in soil nutrients. And what needs to survive, the seeds, are patiently waiting for the right time to take those nutrients and create new life.
What can we learn from our green friends?

  • Letting go isn’t always giving up; sometimes it’s just making room for new cycles.
  • Just because something falls apart doesn’t mean it was a failure of a waste of time; it is processing into wisdom, that will nourish your next phase of growth.
  • It takes time for a seed to sprout; don’t rush it before the time is right.

That is the spirit of Samhain, the power of the season. Like plants, we grow and develop in many ways. Our habits, personality, and approach, as well as lifestyles and plans develop a lot of braches. Sometimes the growth is too fast, sometimes that branch is diseased and fading, sometimes the leaves are shading out essential parts of our structure…
Now is the time to decide what you need to release, and let it fall away like Autumn leaves. Simultaneously, it a time for building and developing your occult power and inner strength.

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