Cancer Moon at a glance



In Cancer, the Moon is coming home, to revisit her own sign, under her own rulership.  She beckons us to come home as well. All domestic matters come to the forefront under a Cancer Moon. This is a time to focus on home and hearth; heart and soul.

Things began under a Cancer Moon have a gentle, fluid quality. It's an excellent time for most planting (Waxing Moon), as this is the most fertile sign of the Zodiac. It's not a time to seek challenge, or make a dramatic push. This is a time to tend to the things that really matter, those you wish to nurture with loving care.

Cancer Moon often means a visit to the therapist - whether it be a professional's office, the shoulder of a good friend, or the bank of a gentle stream. This is a time of experiencing, releasing, and embracing emotions all to often buried beneath the surface.


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