Capricorn Moon at a glance


The Capricorn Moon tends to be all business. This is the sign of the sea-goat, who can set his mind on climbing from the ocean to the top of the mountain - and make it there! It's a time for focus and certainty.

What is began under a Capricorn Moon can progress exactly as planned, and reach the intended goal. This does not happen quickly or easily,  but you will likely find yourself with the resources to make it happen. If you are setting a goal, with great determination and a healthy dose of patience this is the time to get going. If you goal is unclear in any way, you are not prepared to plan and follow those plans meticulously, or are a bit uncertain of the whole thing - it will likely go no where under this Moon.

There is a serious, heavy feel to a Capricorn Moon.  Compassion, empathy, and sensitivity are a bit harder to come by. It's often easier to cope with issues on a practical, financial, or logical level than an emotional one.

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