The Sea-goat, with a reputation for being cold, calculating, practical, and driven.  Capricorn brings us the harshness of winter.  Now in the darkest days the exploration and novelty of changing season seems gone.  Rain and snow soften seeds, the first step to sprouting while freeze threaten their survival.  Animals battle the elements, seemingly un-phased or stay in their den well prepared and not emerging.  Survival, preparedness, facing the toughest challenges - that's Capricorn.  Wherever it is in your chart you have the skills to survive, strength to march through any challenge. Not by cold-heartedly making a plan and running over everyone in your way, but by intuitively sensing 'it is darkest before the dawn' and having the skills and self discipline to do what you must to prepare and not consider giving up in the most barren times, for you know if you survive they will pass.