In astrology, Chiron is usually classed with the asteroids.  Chiron is a much stronger influence in an astrological chart than the other four commonly used asteroids.  Many astrologers consider the placement of Chiron in a birth chart, even if they don’t consider Vesta, Juno, Ceres and Pallas.


Chiron takes his name from the wise Centaur in Greek mythology, also named Chiron.  The Centaurs were a race of half-human half-horse beings, notorious uncultured behavior, such as drinking and violence.

Unlike most of the Centaurs, Chiron was wise and kind.  He serves as a teacher and healer to many great heroes of Greek mythology.


Chiron is the wounded, the healer, and the teacher.  He represents our deepest wounds, sometimes accompanied by great suffering.  He also represents our ability to learn from those wounds, growing wiser and stronger.  

As the healer, Chiron is frequently a strong influence of medical professionals, spirit healers, and especially  counselors.  As the wound, the healer, and the teacher Chiron helps us to not only learn from our suffering, but teach and heal others through what we have learned.