The Moon is waxing (increasing in light), and 25% to 50%  illuminated.  It begins the 3rd or 4th day after New Moon, and lasts into the 7th day.  It is about 11 days until Full Moon (from the beginning of this phase).  This is the 2nd in the 8 phases of the Lunar month.  The Crescent Moon Phase begins when the Sun/Moon angle reaches 45 degrees. It continues until the Sun/Moon angle reaches 90 degrees (when the First Quarter Phase will begin). This is the second half of the New Moon Quarter. During this phase the Moon appears as a crescent, increasing in size. The Crescent Moon rises midmorning, and sets shortly after sunset. The bright silver crescent can be seen in the western sky in early evening.  You may have seen reference to waning crescent as well as waxing, which can be confusing.  This is usually an astronomical reference, rarely used in astrology and magick.   What astronomers call waning crescent, astrologers typically call balsamic.  Most often, only the waxing is referred to as crescent in astrological and magickal terms.



The Waxing Moon is now visible and increasing in size and brightness as she goes from a sliver to a crescent. The first, thin glimpses we may have seen in the New Moon Phase are taking shape, becoming a solid form. This is the energy we feel during this phase, the beginnings of solidity. Our visions and intentions are becoming goals and plans. Momentum is building, we are beginning to see and feel the formation of what we have began. Visions are beginning to evolve into manifestation.

Awareness is waxing with the Moon. We are moving from what to how. Our vision is clear, and direction is chosen. Now we must find a path that will lead us in this direction. This is a time of seeking, and developing. We are gathering information, turning our ideas into plans. We are becoming aware of what tools and resources are needed. We are encountering details, confronting the challenges we must face. The vision held on New Moon is going from a dream to a goal; from an idea to a plan. We are becoming aware of how the vision must evolve, sorting out the possible from the impossible, gathering the resources and strength to follow a path that is possible, yet maintains the intent formed in our minds, hearts, and souls.



Don't lose sight of the vision developed in the New Moon Phase. During the Crescent Moon Phase we encounter the reality of what it will take to make it happen. This can be stressful, even daunting. This is where we become aware of the effort required to bring a vision into manifestation. Ask yourself why you chose this goal, why was it so important? Feed your inner fire, reminding yourself of the desires and needs that your goals and visions fulfill. The Moon in the sky has moved from darkness or a glimmer of light in the New Moon Phase to a slender, but solid easily visible crescent during this phase. Likewise, intangible ideas and inspirations are taking solid, tangible form. This means complications, commitments, and sometimes second thoughts. This is the time to actively push forward, and make a conscious effort to maintain and build momentum. Inner doubts, skeptical people, and little glitches offer you a way out. It may be easy to give up on your new ideas and goals - there will surely be something convenient to blame. This is the phase when you are challenged to draw on your inner strength, stand up to criticism, trust yourself, and - above all - make an effort.



The Moon is now a visible, solid form in the sky. However, she is only visible for a brief while, and her slim crescent appears almost fragile in the vast darkness of nightfall. To the observer, with no knowledge of astronomy or the cycles it would seem as if her progress was fleeting. Yet it steadily increases, each night a little bigger, visible for a little longer. As our lives follow the path of the Moon, we find ourselves facing solid progress and promise of growth, but it seems to be fragile and fleeting - we wonder if our feeble efforts can hold up to the vast darkness we need to shine through.

Don't procrastinate, and don't back down. That is the best way to ensure the survival of your new plans and projects, or the progress of existing ones. This is a busy time, but not with as much fun and enthusiasm as New Moon. This is a time to get serious and dig in. This is when you get ahead, or get behind. It's still a good time for beginning things, and with more practical and detail-oriented energy, it's an even better time than New Moon for forming good habits. On the other hand, it may be easy to fall into bad habits, so be careful.  It's also a good time for gathering and analyzing resources. For example, money, skills, and time are important resources in many projects; this is a good time for budgeting, beginning school/training , or scheduling.

Pay attention to stress management during this phase. It's going to be a busy time, there's a lot to do, details to deal with, little glitches and challenges developing… This isn't the time to give up, let things slide, and let your work pile up. It also isn't a good idea to knock yourself out trying to do everything, especially all at once. Rest, relax, and take a deep breath when you need to. Don't slip into workaholic mode and use up your inner resources; just don't slip into inertia and apathy either. The most important thing right now is to develop, and maintain confidence and determination.



The Crescent Moon Phase is just as good as the New Moon Phase for beginning big projects. It will bring less inspiration, but more grounding to your ventures. Things began during the Crescent Phase tend to have a progressive, even revolutionary quality.  There is some sort of resistance, but facing the resistance produces meaningful progress.  There is a quality of releasing the past.  This is an excellent time to begin progressive endeavors or things aimed at change.  For example, this would be a particularly good time for beginning a social or political movement; starting an innovative technology business; beginning a different lifestyle.   Despite the ingrained tendency toward facing resistance, things began now tend to progress and grow more rapidly than things began during New Moon.

In ongoing projects and situations, Crescent Moon is the time to begin pulling things together, or take small steps.  Where you have been scattering your forces, or things have gotten off course, use this time this time to put them back on track.  It's a good time to begin a new phase of a long-term plan.    Remember, this is the first visual manifestation of the new Lunar Cycle.  Use this time for things that are approaching the manifestation stage. It's also a perfect time for building on and expanding what you have began previously. As the Moon is becoming a visible, solid form in the night sky is the time to solidify scattered or undefined plans and ideas into action.