The Moon is waning (decreasing in light), and 75% to 50% illuminated. It begins the 3rd or 4th day after Full Moon, and lasts into the 7th day. It is about 11 days until New Moon (from the beginning of this phase). This is the 6th in the 8 phases of the Lunar month. The Disseminating Phase begins when the Sun/Moon angle reaches 225º, and continues until the angle reaches 270º (when the Third Quarter Moon Phase will begin). This phase is the second half of the Full Moon Quarter. The Disseminating Moon rises in late evening, a couple of hours after Sunset, and sets in late midmorning, a couple of hours after Sunrise. She is easily visible from Moonrise until Moonset. In astrology and magick this phase is called disseminating, however astronomers typically use the name Waning Gibbous.



The Full Moon has passed, though just barely. She still lights up the night sky, and the darkness of earth, although she is visibly waning. The waning phase is primarily about endings and letting go, in contrast to the beginnings and growth of the waxing phase. It's time to begin letting go, to realize that a transformation is needed before there can be further growth.

We have made the transition from waxing to waning, like stepping through a doorway, and now it's time to see what awaits us. In fact, through out the busy cycle this is the first time we have really stopped to look around. We begin to see where we stand, and notice our surroundings and our place in them. The disseminating phase is integrative. Our awareness of others, their needs and goals, their effect on us is heightened. We begin to see where our knowledge may be useful to others, and their knowledge may be useful to us. The visions began at New Moon, the fulfillment gained at Full Moon, the experiences in-between have began transforming into wisdom and understanding. We are compelled to share it. We absorb what others have to share. Communication is vital.



Following the natural path of the Moon, it is time to take a step back. Not a step backwards in progress, but step back from situations you are too close to, look at them objectively. From the darkness of New Moon, she has progressed, grown, increased to the peak of Full Moon. Now she is gracefully and slowly slipping into the shadows. She is re-visiting the darkness. Dark does not mean evil or bad. Knowledge, wisdom, understanding, and subconscious all reside in the quiet depths of the shadows. Begin turning your attention to things of this nature.

This is only the beginning of the waning portion of the Lunar Cycle. We begin by seeking understanding. At Full Moon, things are illuminated, accomplished, goals are reached, ideas are solidified. Now we know. But do we understand? The mind is busy, sharing and gathering information, racing with thoughts. This is the time to process those thoughts, bits of information, memories of experiences into wisdom - a valuable tool you can utilize for the rest of this cycle, and all that follow it.



The sharing of information is one of the critical elements of, and uses for the Disseminating Phase. If you have a message to get out, now is the time. If others are talking (about something relevant) listen to what they have to say. Study, learn, and absorb ideas and information. The tendency for sharing and interaction is not limited to information, although that is its primary influence. This can be an excellent time for socializing, teaching children to share, charity work. It's perfect for attending (or teaching) classes and workshops, making friends whom you connect to on an intellectual level, or exploring other cultures. Learn and diversify, keep an open mind.

This phase is usually a busy time (at least mentally), but in the rush to share, gain, and digest ideas don't forget that the general tendency of the waning phase is decreasing and letting go. This is a good time for breaking habits, changing routines, and weeding out ideas which aren't useful. Be open to change, as this phase is a beginning of a transformation. Ask yourself what you need to transform.



Now that we are in the waning phase it is no longer favorable to begin projects for growth and increase, because the natural tendency is decreasing. The disseminating phase has a strong focus on information. If you want to get a message out, 'spread the word' this is a perfect time. It's also a good time for gathering information. Think ahead to what you have planned for the next waxing moon, and do your research. If you are in the middle of a big project or a difficult/confusing situation or point in your life ask yourself what you need to know. Information is a powerful tool, and if you don't have all the facts, or don’t fully understand them use this time to remedy the situation. By the same merit if your side of the story hasn't been heard - tell it.

The Disseminating Phase also marks the beginning of transformation. Think change. Even in things we want to progress and grow, the balance of waning is essential. Do you have a stalled project, or feel stuck in a rut? Then something has to change, opening new doors, giving new options. Something has to end making room for new growth, or allowing it to be 'reborn' in a different and better way.