The Moon is waxing (increasing in light), and 50% to 75% illuminated.  This phase usually begins the 7th day after New Moon, and continues until the 10th or 11th.  It will be about 7.5 days until Full Moon (from the beginning of this phase).  This is the 3rd in the 8 phases of the Lunar month. The First Quarter Phase begins when the Sun/Moon angle reaches 90º, and continues until the angle reaches 135º (when the Gibbous Phase will begin). This phase is the first half of the 1st Quarter (when the cycle is divided into 4 quarters rather than 8 phases). First Quarter Moon rises around mid-day and sets around midnight. She is brightly visible the first half of the night, and can often be spotted during daylight hours in the afternoon.  The name First (or 1st) Quarter is used in both astrology/magick and astronomy.


The deceptive imagery of fragility and hesitancy in the waxing Moon are long gone. She is brilliantly lit, growing rapidly, and visible not only a good portion of the night, but in day as well. Strong and prominent, she victoriously casts her light, and casts her spell of confidence and success. Yet she has not reached Full Moon, we are only half way through the waxing cycle. She has achieved brilliant light, high visibility, and solid form - but far from reaching the goal. She has simply passed the milestone of uncertainty; strength and momentum abound.

Our visions and inspirations, mere vague yet exciting notions at New Moon have taken shape, and gained momentum along with the Moon. Plans are becoming solid and real, our inner visions are coming to the attention of others. Excitement and enthusiasm are returning - things are happening, the vision is manifesting. We are shining brightly now, but, like the Moon, we still have a long ways to go. Past the details and glitches of the Crescent Phase, we may be facing more real challenges. However these challenges have a way of exciting and stimulating, because we are also beginning to see some real effects of our efforts; there is something solid to fight for.



The First Quarter Phase is often referred to as 'crisis of action' because now is the time to move forward. The vision was born during New Moon, it faced the stresses of development during Crescent Moon, and now it's ready to be put into action. Move forward, build momentum, and take action. The question is how? We've defined our goal, and developed our resources. Now we need to refine the plan and act on it. We are beginning to see progress, take it and run with it. But don't run blindly, things are propelled forward with great momentum, and the key is to know where you're going, and how you'll get there, so you can make the most of this momentum.

There is a feeling of success, and a sense of accomplishment in the air. Yet the goal has not yet been reached, success has not been achieved. Many people will feel a surge in confidence (or ego) during the First Quarter Phase. It's all to easy to think things are going well, you are working hard, the goal is within reach. However, if you don't pay attention, and make sure all is going well, and that you are working hard in the right direction, that goal which felt so close could slip away before you even realize it. This is a time it's important to be sure of yourself (not only your actions) deep down. Confident and successful feelings based on the beginnings of accomplishments can be great. But they can be fragile. On some level we know it's pre-mature to think we've won the battle before it's over. But things are progressing so fast we feel it anyway - until someone or something points out how far we still have to go. That's why it's important to be aware of how far we've come, and how far we have left. Be realistic, make a plan, tell yourself you can do it – and do it. Don't set yourself up for a fall.



The Moon is in solid form, and shining brightly. The energy level is high; so is the level of activity. The First Quarter Moon Phase is what we make of it. In the Crescent Phase, we encountered problems to be solved and things to be done. In this phase we take deliberate action. This is an excellent time for planning, structuring, making decisions and striving for efficiency and productivity. It's usually easier to develop confidence during First Quarter, so if you have confidence and self esteem issues, actively work on them. This also makes it a good time for taking on difficult or challenging projects. This is a good time to begin a health or exercise program, organize, remodel, change routines - whatever will get things on track and moving in the right direction.

Take a decisive and assertive approach. This isn't the time to 'decide not to decide'. Things are happening, probably faster than you realize, and you want to shape the way they develop. Push for progress, and be quick to take action. There is a lot of energy and forward momentum, tap into it and get things done. Remember, that others are feeling the same lunar energy you are. There is an active, confident, and assertive quality to the mood of most people. It's probably best to avoid conflicts, when possible, unless you want a confrontation. When you find yourself at odds with others, try for compromise, but remember the saying "If you act like a doormat, people will walk all over you". This is truer now than during any other lunar phase. Independence and individuality are important elements during this phase. Do your own thing, and do it well. Don't interfere in the progress of others, but don't let them interfere in yours either.



When planning important projects, you need to begin then within the growing portion of the cycle. Any phase during the waxing cycle is appropriate, but each brings a different mood and energies to your project. The First Quarter Phase is good for fast paced and highly active projects. Things began now tend to be more demanding, and perhaps a bit more challenging, than things began during the earlier phases, but also more structured and dynamic. Planning, structuring, direction and decisiveness will be necessary - this isn't the time for beginning passive or casual undertakings. This is the time for dynamic, active projects - for example, the most recent incorporation of Microsoft, as well as the initial release of the Windows platform were during First Quarter Phases.

In ongoing plans and projects, remember this is the time for action and decisions. If you have things that have been in the 'planning stages' for too long, this is the time to get them off the ground. In projects that seem to be at a standstill, give them an active boost. Look over the situation, and see what changes need to be made. Make decisions, and take action.  Look for ways you can manage your projects better, take control of your life - anything that falls within the realm of structured, assertive, or active progress.