The Moon is now waning (decreasing in light), and 100% to 75% illuminated. This phase lasts about 3.5 days following Full Moon. It will be about 14.75 days until the next New Moon (from the beginning of this phase). This is the 5th in the 8 phases of the Lunar month. The Full Moon Phase begins at Full Moon, when the Sun/Moon angle reaches 180º, and continues until the angle reaches 225º (when the Disseminating Moon Phase will begin). This phase is the first half of the Full Moon Quarter. The Full Moon rises at Sunset, and sets at Sunrise. She is visible throughout the night.  The name Full Moon is used in both astrology/magick and astronomy.



Half the Lunar cycle has been spent striving for this point. The Full Moon, in all her splendid glory shines brilliantly in the night sky, the earth glows with her divine silver light. The shadows seem vibrant and alive. It is a breathtaking sight, enlightening and mysterious. The darkness of night is illuminated, yet there is much we sense and cannot see. The light of the Moon, along with her power, has reached a peak. We see it, we feel it. The level of energy is higher on Full Moon than any other time of the month.

The Sun illuminates the Moon; she transforms and reflects his light upon the Earth. The illuminated Earth transforms and reflects her light, producing a mystical, silvery glow. These energies of illumination and reflection are ingrained into the phase of Full Moon. We reflect upon our lives and selves, we see more deeply into our own souls, as well as others. We are drawn to the illusive and mysterious.

The power of the Moon is unmistakable, tangible. We see it, feel it, and sense it. We feel our own power, and the power of the world around us. The moon is the natural astrological ruler of emotions. When she is riding high, so are our emotions. We aren't happy, we're elated; we aren't mad, we're furious; we aren't interested, we're excited; we aren't sad, we're depressed. This is a powerful time, of excess and extremes, which can manifest in a positive or negative way.



Full Moon is one of the most powerful and influential times in the natural cycle, and probably the most widely accepted (even by many skeptics) proof of astrological influence on our lives. Everyone has seen and felt the effects, first hand. There is an out-of-control tendency that can make it difficult to harness this energy. The first step is awareness. Don't enter this phase unaware of and out of touch with your emotions, or you likely won't know what to do when the emotional high-tide comes. Make sure you have used the waxing phases to learn, grow, build and structure. If you approach Full Moon feeling like your life is spinning out of control, it just might.

Although we are only half way through the entire Lunar Cycle, there is a feeling of culmination. A goal has been reached. The building, evolving, waxing light of the past couple of weeks has manifested. And what a spectacular manifestation it is! You will find things you have worked on, and built coming together at this time. Remember the vague visions of New Moon? Now illuminated, we can see them clearly. If they have survived, and you have put the effort into them, they are now a manifestation. Realistically, few goals are reached or projects completed in a couple of weeks time. However, there is a sense of completion and manifestation in some form. Perhaps the idea is just becoming a solid plan, or one phase of a project is completed. Whatever the case, even if it seems to be only in your own perspective, things are more real and solid. Something has been achieved. If you have been going in the wrong directions, you will see the results of that be manifested into solid form as well. Preparation and the right mind frame are key in successful, productive use of this notorious Moon Phase.



The Moon has reached her peak; from the moment of Full Moon the light will begin decreasing. The period of growth and time for beginnings is past. This is the most active period of change. This time can be useful for changing or breaking habits and routines. Bring things to an end, where needed. This is also a highly creative time, with endless poems, songs, and works of art using Full Moon as a subject, demonstrating the point. Make use of the creative influence for artistic endeavors, or creative thinking. Just be careful of coming to firm decisions fight now (especially on the day of Full Moon), as logic isn't necessarily a strong point right now.

There are many dark corners in our lives, and ourselves, both small and large scale. In 'dark corners' I don't necessarily mean negative things, these are (at least partially) hidden or unnoticed things. With Full Moon, comes light, allowing us to see in those normally invisible, dark corners - just as the brilliant Moonlight allows us to see in the normally dark night. Use this time to take a closer look at things, see hidden potential, look for mistakes, and find opportunities. You can also get a clear insight into yourself, as your emotions are much stronger than usual.

As energy and emotions run high, arguments and conflicts are more likely at Full Moon. Although often difficult, compromise is important. In astrological terms, this is an opposition; the Sun is in the opposite position of the Moon. We often find ourselves completely at odds with someone else. It's important to remember, that this can be quite valuable, useful or informative. Opposite can manifest in different ways. When you look in a mirror, the image you see reflected is opposite the actual image, yet reflects it accurately. When you encounter opposition, ask yourself if, in some way, it reflects aspects of yourself or your situations you have not been seeing. Other times, these conflicts can provide valuable insight or information. True, absolute opposites each have elements the other is missing. When you encounter opposition ask yourself if this person or event is giving you information and understanding that you have overlooked, and could make your approach more complete and balanced.



It is no longer a good time for beginnings, the flow of energy is shifting. Full Moon is the balance point, or imbalance as it may be, in between waxing and waning. She is neither growing nor shrinking, she is full 100% illuminated. For an instant, a fleeting moment, there is total fulfillment, completion, achievement, and illumination. After that moment, the light is waning, slowly and gradually. This phase carries the energy of the moment of Full Moon, as well as the first gradual steps into the waning portion of the cycle. This is a good time for completing long-term projects, or completing a phase of them.

This can be a good time for public displays, drawing attention, or presentations. There is a high energy, and highly emotional quality to Full Moon, so don't draw attention to potentially controversial things, unless you want a controversy. This is a time for putting on a show, and getting a dramatic response.

The other, quite obvious factor in the influences this phase brings is, of course, light. It's a good time for evaluation, as things are illuminated figuratively, as well as literally. As we enter the waning phase, there is necessary decreasing and endings. Take a good look at your important projects and plans. Where are you stretching yourself, or your resources too thin? This is the time to begin 'weeding out' the unnecessary. There is a focus on excesses right now, and if you can step back and be objective (so that you aren't inclined to go to excesses) it is a good time for spotting excesses.