Gemini Moon at a glance



The notoriously fickle sign of Gemini tends to be here, there, and everywhere. When it is host to the Moon, everything gets just a bit busier. This is a time of exploration, intriguing ideas, and seemingly endless details. It's the perfect time for multi-tasking and communication oriented activities.

Anything began under a Gemini Moon gets a bit scattered, and exists in a constant state of evolution. It certainly isn't the time to pull yourself together, put the blinders on and focus straight ahead. It's best to begin open-ended projects, tentative ventures, make the transition from wrapping-it-up to starting something new.

Curiosity fills the air, ideas flit around like little sprites, and everything unfamiliar becomes fascinating. We communicate well under a Gemini Moon, not only through words but also through the subtleties of thought, action and symbolism.


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