The Moon is waxing (increasing in light) and 75% to 100% illuminated.  This phase begins the 10th or 11th day after New Moon, and continues until Full Moon.  It is about 3.5 days until Full Moon (at the beginning of this phase).  This is the 4th in the 8 phases of the Lunar month. The Gibbous Phase begins when the Sun/Moon angle reaches 135º, and continues until the angle reaches 180º (when the Full Moon Phase will begin). This phase is the second half of the 1st Quarter (when the cycle is divided into 4 quarters rather than 8 phases).  The Gibbous Moon rises in the afternoon and sets in the early pre-dawn hours of the morning.  She is visible from Moonrise until Moonset.  This is the phase when it's easiest to spot her in daylight hours.  One thing that can be confusining, is you will see reference to both waxing and waning Gibbous Moon.  This is typically an astronomical reference, in astrology and magick usually only waxing is called gibbous.  What astronomers call waning gibbous, astrologers call disseminating.


The Moon is so nearly full, you may have to look twice, or even consult an astrological calendar as we approach the end of the Gibbous Phase.  She is brilliant, nearly round, illuminating the darkness of night.  Truly a breathtaking sight.  Her energy is so strong you can feel it as you gaze at the silvery disc overhead.  She is nearly full.  Nearly, but not quite.  It almost seems as if she is poised, yet hesitating, taking a deep breath before her big night.  With time and patience, she proceed along her path.  It will come.  It will be soon.

If we bring our lives into rhythm with the natural cycles, we find ourselves following the path of the Moon.  We are poised and ready, the goal is so near we can almost touch it, almost reach it.  Almost, yet something is stopping us.  We just don't feel prepared, or it isn't exactly coming together as it should.  There is one more detail, or one missing element.  We encounter a last minute glitch.  Something isn't quite right, something isn't quite ready.  So very close, but not quite, not yet.  Do we give up, after working this long and hard, after pouring so much energy into it in the First Quarter Phase?  Not if we are following the Moon's path; not if we are following her example and flowing with her energy.  We continue, certain that it will happen, it will come, and it will be soon.


Look at the Moon, and feel the Moon.  Draw from, join in her strength and certainty.  The Gibbous Phase holds a great deal of power and potential.  It may take some patience and determination to tap into it.  We find ourselves at the precarious point of being very close to a goal.  The vision born at New moon is nearly materialized.  We may think we've made it.  Then something comes up, but don't look at it as a bad thing.  This phase is about refining, fine-tuning, and tuning in.  What you have begun may seem ready, but it can be better.  Challenges, really, are always opportunities in disguise.  But this is more true than ever during the Gibbous Phase.  When you find yourself encountering glitches in your plans, realize tat it is fortunate they were discovered at this stage, and most likely the result will be improving and enriching your endeavors.

Impatience is so strong you can feel it in the air during Gibbous Phase. Yet patience is one of your best allies.  However, this isn't the sit quietly and wait type patience.  This phase call for having the patience to do things right, analyze, refine, strengthen, perfect…  There is far too much to do for idly waiting, or for rushing it too fast.  Be careful, be certain, take criticism as constructive (even if it's not intended that way).   Just watch the Moon, taking her time, developing the perfect form to create a spectacular display when the moment has come, and not before.  Follow her lead, and as always, you won't go wrong.


The vision was born at New Moon.  It has developed, strengthened through the phases and made great leaps forward during First Quarter Moon.  Now it is on the brink of manifestation.  If there was ever a bad time to give up, this is it!  Work on solidifying your plans, and double check everything.  Take advantage of the analytical and refining tendencies of this phase for anything that you need to revise.  This is a good time for any kind of precision work, or reviewing and fine-tuning.

The Gibbous Phase is a good time for reviving what has been let slide.  If you have (good) habits and routines you've strayed from, this is the time to work on getting them back.  Skills and knowledge can get foggy too.  If you have things you’ve learned, but haven't studied in a while, or skills you haven't practiced in some time, use this phase to 'brush-up'.  You will find it comes back more easily than you think.  This can also be a good time for developing natural talents.  If you have  flair for art (as an example), but have never tried to fine-tune your skills, this is a good time for it.


Though we have nearly reached Full Moon, the light is still increasing, we are still in the waxing, growing portion of the cycle.  It is still an appropriate time to start a project, or launch something new.  Unless you want to encounter the resistance of trying to promote growth in something with ingrained diminishing tendencies, this is your last chance (or wait a couple weeks before the next cycle).  Therefore, most often, the kinds of things we begin during this phase ore those we have been procrastinating on, rather than things that were planned and targeted  for launching in this phase.  If you don't want new beginnings during waning Moon, and haven't got around to starting it yet, it's now or never.  Not really never, but you'll have to wait a couple of weeks.  

We have a tendency (it's human nature) to easily avoid and procrastinate, but if we're running out of time we suddenly become ready and impatient.  You can call it synchronicity; you didn't plan it this way, yet this kind of energy fits well with the gibbous phase.  As Full Moon is so very near, there is a feeling of impatience in the air.  As so many things are almost complete, but not quite ready, there is a natural "mad rush' of sorts.  So if you find yourself  frantically scrambling to launch something that you hadn't got around to, yet suddenly can't wait for, don't feel that you've gotten out of tune.  However, do inject some logic before you get carried away.  Ask yourself a few questions.  Can it wait until the next cycle?  If so, are you actually ready; how much could it benefit from more preparation time?

Like the other phases the Gibbous Phase will bring it's own, unique energy and inclination to thing began now (whether this is when you planned the launch, or it was a last minute impulse).  Things began during the Gibbous Phase are likely to need refining, and fine-tuning.  There is a tendency to perpetually seek improvement.  This is a good time for launching  things that are really a rough idea, the refining, perfecting, and tweaking will come quite naturally.  It's also a good time for beginning generally analytical, or highly detail oriented projects.