AQUARIUS  -The Water Bearer, the well known rebel of the Zodiac, unpredictable and unconventional.  Aquarius brings the heart of winter, although it contains the first signs of spring.  Now the occasional warm day brings early spring fever, a few brave plants begin to sprout and a few animals begin emerging, some already producing next year's off-spring.  It seems spring is beginning to burst out, right in the middle of winter!  Bucking the trend, breaking the stalemate that's Aquarius.  Where you have Aquarius in your chart you have a knack for the sudden and unexpected.  Not to break the trend just to get a reaction, but to break free from repression, think 'outside the box', accept and embrace the progressive, and find a creative solution no matter what the problem.

ARIES - The Ram, notoriously hot-tempered, impatient and impulsive. Aries eagerly ushers in spring each year.  The power of life itself is manifesting all around us.   The tender seedlings and newborn animals appearing each spring seem so gentle and fragile, yet drawing upon sheer will to survive they outlast the lingering harshness of winter.   The first sign of the Zodiac, and the bearer of new life, Aries is the natural leader.  With fierceness going much deeper than temper, this is the fierceness of vitality and sheer life force. Where ever Aries lies in your chart is where you have this instinctive ability to fearlessly charge ahead.  Not into a battle of words or fists but into the battle for survival, to enter unfamiliar territory full speed and accept whatever challenges await you,  fueled by the fire of life and a fierce, fiery zest for life.

ASC - See Ascendant

ASCENDANT - Abbreviation Asc.  The cusp of the first house in a chart.  This point in the chart is as important as planets.  There are aspects and transits to this point just like there are to a planet.  In a birth chart this indicates such things as physical characteristics, approach to life, and how you present yourself to others.

ASPECT - Aspects measure significant angles between planets and points in a chart. Aspects are measured in longitude, the position of a planet in the Zodiac's 360 degree circle.

ASTEROID - Astrology A specialized chart or reading focusing on the position of asteroids rather than planets.  

ASTROLOGER - One who practices astrology.

ASTROLOGICAL - Anything referring to astrology.


BENEFIC - A planet or aspect deemed to be 'good'.  This is an old term, rarely used today as most astrologers take the free will approach.  It is also inaccurate, because all planets and aspects have some positive and some negative potentials.  There may be more of an inclination one way or the other, but even that is determined by many factors not simply 'it's good because it's a sextile' or 'it's bad because Saturn is involved'.  The traditional benefics are Venus and Jupiter.

BIRTH CHART  - The chart of the planets, houses, aspects etc. at the moment you were born, from the perspective of whatever exact location on Earth you were born. Also called your Natal Chart.

BUSINESS ASTROLOGY - A business has a 'birth chart' the same as a person.  For example, astrology can be used to determine the potentials, most productive managerial and marketing strategies, or likely results of a merger.


CANCER - The Crab, considered shy and withdrawn, emotional and nurturing.  Cancer brings us the dawn of summer.  The baby animals are taking their first steps as young adults, plants begin to bear fruit.  The growing, the learning, the preparing now it all has a purpose.  This years young are becoming aware on some level that they are next year's parents.  That is the energy of Cancer, transition, maturing, and seeking to understand vague inner awareness.    Wherever the sign of Cancer falls in your chart you have the capacity for transforming, maturing, preparing to take on burdens while still unsure of yourself.  Not by being an emotional wreck yourself, while taking every loser under your wing, but by taking in the big picture, deeply enough it may rattle you, while instinctively realizing what it means and moving on to the next phase.

CAPRICORN - The Sea-goat, with a reputation for being cold, calculating, practical, and driven.  Capricorn brings us the harshness of winter.  Now in the darkest days the exploration and novelty of changing season seems gone.  Rain and snow soften seeds, the first step to sprouting while freeze threaten their survival.  Animals battle the elements, seemingly un-phased or stay in their den well prepared and not emerging.  Survival, preparedness, facing the toughest challenges - that's Capricorn.  Wherever it is in your chart you have the skills to survive, strength to march through any challenge. Not by cold-heartedly making a plan and running over everyone in your way, but by intuitively sensing 'it is darkest before the dawn' and having the skills and self discipline to do what you must to prepare and not consider giving up in the most barren times, for you know if you survive they will pass.


CARDINAL SIGN - The cardinal signs are Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.  They are more inclined towards beginning and growth.  Each season of the year begins when the Sun enters a cardinal sign.  See also Triplicity




CONJUNCTION - An aspect of 0 degrees.  The conjunction represents two planets at the same point, a fusion of energy.  This can be helpful or unhelpful depending upon the planets and placement involved, typically some of both.  The conjunction usually represent a new beginning in some way.

CUSP - The cusp is the point where one sign or house ends and the next one begins. When a planet or point is referred to a ‘on the cusp of …’ the named sign or house is the one it is entering, not the one it is exiting. For example the 2nd house cusp in the point where the 1st house ends and the 2nd house begins.


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