The astrological chart wheel is divided into 12 segments, called houses.  They are one of the most important elements in reading an astrology chart.  While the planets are the actual energies, and the signs tell us how they function, the houses tell us what areas of life they affect.

Each house is associated with a Zodiac sign, and one or more ruling planets.


Related Zodiac sign - Aries.  Natural ruler - Mars.

The first house was traditionally called The House of Personality.  It is the point where thinking becomes being.  The first house represents your persona, the image you present to others and what kind of first impression you make.  It also relates to physical appearance.  


Related Zodiac sign - Taurus.  Natural ruler - Venus.

The second house was traditionally called The House of Money.  It represents material possessions as well as your attitude towards them.  It also relates to skills, values, stability, self-esteem, and resources in general.  It can show how you react to new ideas and changes.

3rd HOUSE  

Related Zodiac sign - Gemini.  Natural ruler - Mercury.

The third house was traditionally called The House of Communication.  It represents how you communicate with others, and react to information we receive.  It also relates to siblings, neighbors, short trips, details, thought process, language, literature, and communication equipment (such as computers and telephones).


Related Zodiac sign - Cancer.  Natural ruler - Moon.

The fourth house was traditionally called The House of Home.  It represents your childhood, Mother figures in your life, as well as your home environment and your attitude towards it.  It also relates to roots, history, the ends of a matter, real estate, your deepest emotions, and the base or foundation of anything.

5th HOUSE  

Related Zodiac sign - Leo.  Natural ruler - Sun.

The fifth house was traditionally called The House of Children.  It represents children in your life, as well as your own inner child.  It also relates to recreation, play, gambling, creativity, romance, sports, and hobbies.  It can describe your attitude towards risky activities, what you find enjoyable, and how you express yourself.

6th HOUSE  

Related Zodiac sign - Virgo.  Natural ruler - Mercury.

The sixth house was traditionally called The House of Servants.  It represents service, laborious work, and responsibilities.  This is the house where we find many of the not fun necessities in life.  It relates to utility bills, rules, routines, self-discipline, and criticism.  It also relates to purity, health, pets, and efficiency.

7th HOUSE  

Related Zodiac sign - Libra.  Natural ruler - Venus.

The seventh house was traditionally called The House of Marriage.  It represents not only love and marriage, but partnerships and relationships of all kinds.  This house describes the kind of people you are attracted to, and your attitude towards one-on-one relationships; whether they be romantic, business, or friendship.  It also relates to balance, unity, and cooperation in general.

8th HOUSE  

Related Zodiac sign - Scorpio.  Natural rulers Mars and Pluto.

The eighth house was traditionally called The House of Death.  In reality, it represents areas of great intensity, especially the taboo - subjects you may not discuss freely with a stranger.  This is where you deal with issues not only of death but sex, psychology, debt, and the darker side of human nature.  The eighth house also relates to the occult and power in general.


Related Zodiac sign - Sagittarius.  Natural ruler Jupiter.

The ninth house was traditionally called The House of Long Journeys.  It represents travel, as well as foreign places or cultures.  It is also where you react to new experiences and concepts; how you go about ' expanding your horizons'.  The ninth house also relates to higher education, law, philosophy, religion, ethics and the search for truth.

10th HOUSE  

Related Zodiac sign - Capricorn.  Natural ruler Saturn.

The tenth house was traditionally called The House of Career.  It represents career and business issues in general, as well as your standing in society and anything that is public.  It also relates to judgment, law enforcement, practical skills, Father figures, politics, and authority figures.  The tenth house can also describe your highest aspirations.

11th HOUSE  

Related Zodiac sign - Aquarius.  Natural rulers Uranus and Saturn.

The eleventh house was traditionally called The House of Friends.  Generally, it is more about associates than close, personal friends.  This house represents networks, alliances, groups, teams, business associates, and people who are a resource.  It also relates to vision, community, humanitarianism, goals and plans - as well as the drive to achieve your goals and plans.

12th HOUSE  

Related Zodiac sign - Pisces.  Natural rulers Neptune and Jupiter.

The twelfth house was traditionally called The House of Troubles.  It often represents loss, but as part of the natural cycle when the goals of the eleventh house have passed, they must be let go making room for something new in the first house.  It also relates to karma, fate, spirituality, privacy, institutions, paying dues, nostalgia, and sleep.