Zodiac signs ruled by Jupiter: Sagittarius and Pisces

Houses ruled By Jupiter: Ninth and Twelfth

Day of the Week: Thursday

Colors: Purple, Royal Blue, Canary Yellow, Violet


Jupiter is where you are opportunistic, optimistic, or excessive. He loves growth. This is where you have big ideas, exuberance, enthusiasm, and a tendency to go to extremes. He represents finances, and your attitude toward money. Jupiter loves humor, belief and faith. He can bring you a love of knowledge, truth , excitement or adventure.


Jupiter is named after the ancient Roman god, Jupiter (also called Jove).  He is the supreme god, and king of heaven.  He is the god of justice, weather (particularly lightning), victory, and the Sky.  His Greek equivalent is Zeus, thunder god and supreme ruler of Olympus.  In Norse mythology he is Thor, protector and god of thunder.  Thursday, the Jupiter-ruled day, is named after Thor.


Jupiter's orbit around the Sun, as well as through the Zodiac takes about 12 years.  He spends about 4 months or every 18 months in retrograde.  In his astronomical description, Jupiter lives up to his title as king of excess and expansion.  The biggest planet in the solar system, Jupiter is about 11 times the size of Earth.  He has 16 moons, with many smaller 'satellites' as they are called, in orbit around this giant.  The largest of Jupiter's moons, Ganymede, is actually bigger than the planet Mercury.  Jupiter has many layers of thick clouds.  The most remarkable physical characteristic of this planet is what's called The Great Red Spot.  It is a huge swirling mass on the surface of Jupiter, moving at about 225 miles per hour.  It seems to move East and West, as well as shrink and grow.  It's very rare for the Great Red Spot to disappear entirely, it is normally huge, reaching a diameter 3 times that of our Earth.


The symbol of Jupiter depicts the crescent of the soul, as a focus for, and positioned ahead of the cross of matter.  This gives us an indication of Jupiter's role and importance in not only spiritual matters.  Jupiter, though known for bringing luck and abundance, is sometimes seen as an ungrounded influence.  It is our Jupiter, and hid conditions that gives us the capacity (or lack thereof) for so-called blind faith.  However, it is only when Jupiter is malfunctioning that this faith becomes truly blind.  The true inclination of Jupiter is to allow our lives in the physical world to follow the direction and wisdom of the soul, instinctively and intuitively.  We learn and grow as we follow the soul's path, rather than demanding facts and figures, scientific explanations, before accepting the truths our soul is already aware of.