Leo Moon at a glance



Proud, fiery Leo is ruled by the Sun. When the Moon falls in the sign of the Sun, a power boost is certain. This is a time for creativity and celebration. Anything intended to make an impact, or put on a show will thrive and flourish.

Thing began under a Leo Moon tend to take center stage. It's not the time to hesitate. Whatever you do will stand a better chance of success if you do it with enthusiasm. If you've been working up to a situation where you need to make a brazen move - Leo Moon is you chance.

There is a playful, showy, light-hearted feel to a Leo Moon. Everything seems a little dull without a nice, dramatic flair. However, we must not take ourselves too seriously, or this bright spot in the month can quickly turn dark. Pride becomes much more vulnerable, and fiercely guarded than you may realize - until it is wounded.


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