Libra Moon at a glance



Libra - the Scales of Justice; the sign of romance. The Libra Moon is about balance, about looking at the other side. Whether that is the other side in an argument, the other half of a relationship - the 'other' needs a little more attention under this Moon.

Things began while the Moon is traveling through Libra tend to be changeable, progress with an air of gracefulness, and stall frequently as factors fall out of balance. If you are beginning something intended to be peaceful, in the pursuit of justice, focus on aesthetics or flow harmoniously this is the time. Taking on challenges, or making big changes are best left for another time.

The Libra Moon seems to bring out the romantic, the artist, or the socialite in everyone. Other people become more fascinating, and we are a bit more aware of the beauty (or lack thereof) in our surroundings.


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