The Scales thought of as the flighty chatty socialite, shallow and indecisive.  Libra brings us the first days of fall.  Now the year is waning, the plants nearly at the end of their season yet still producing a few flowers, the animals seeking mates, realizing they must depend on each other for survival, yet still playing like babies on the few deceptively summer-like days.  Everything seems to be busily preparing for  winter while not letting go of summer, seeking a balance.  That is the energy of Libra - the perpetual search for a balance, the awareness of changes.  Where Libra is in your chart you have the ability to understand the paradoxes in life.  Not by focusing on the perpetual other option never making a decision or accepting anyone else's decision, but instinctively knowing a perfect balance equals inertia striving to not always balance the scales but tip them in the right direction and not tip them too far.