Zodiac signs ruled by Mars: Aries and Scorpio

Houses ruled by Mars:  First and Eighth

Day of the Week: Tuesday

Colors: Red, Orange, Azure, Scarlet


Mars is the planetary warrior. He describes what kind of temper you have, and what pushes your buttons. Anytime you are ready to fight, be it literally or figuratively, Mars is springing into action, and action is what he loves. This is where you want to do something, where you are ready and willing (maybe even eager) to take on a challenge. This is also where anger and frustration can fester into bitterness and inner rage if you can’t or won’t do something. Mars is your inner fire - what pushes you over the edge if it burns out of control and what steals your zest for life if it’s extinguished.


The planet Mars takes his name from the Roman war-god, also called Mars.  He is a god of agriculture, tools, and weapons.  He is the rebellious son of Jupiter.  Ares (who the Zodiac sign Aries was named after) is the Greek god of war, and counterpart to Mars.  In Norse mythology he is Tyr,  the god of combat and glory.  Mars-ruled Tuesday was named after Tyr.


Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun, he on the other side of Earth.  When visible, he appears bright red.  Mars orbit around the Sun is more oval than most planets; at times he is less than 130 million miles from the Sun, and at other times more than 150 million miles.  Mars has 2 small Moons, named Phobos and Deimos, after 2 sons of the Greek god Ares.  It takes 687 days for Mars to complete his orbit around the Sun, and about 2 years to complete a cycle through the Zodiac.  Mars retrogrades for about 12 weeks every 5 months.


The symbol of Mars depicts the cross of matter, moving in a specific direction, pulling the circle of spirit.  On the most basic level, Mars represents action - motion in a specified direction.  This is spontaneous and compulsive action, springing from the intuitive and instinctive desires of the spirit.  It is not filtered through thought or even emotion, we act on what we are.  Action creates experience, and experience brings growth and wisdom, in retrospect.  The basic inclination of Mars is not to be concerned with the outcome or after-effects, those are absorbed and transformed by the spirit as it is brought into contact with new experiences as a result of this action.