Making major purchases isn't advisable during a Mercury retrograde either. If you buy a house 10 inspectors can check it and still miss a rotten foundation, or you may live there a week and realize you hate the neighborhood. Besides signing contracts, or any other papers of much importance is usually a mistake. Most likely either something will fall through, you will have missed or misunderstood some clause, or whatever purchase, deal, etc. the papers referred to will be perpetually problematic, with the details just never quite working out right. This applies to any project began during a Mercury retrograde. Because any project, new job, new business, trip - anything you begin has it's own birth chart for that moment, it will carry the effects of a Mercury retrograde, even after he is direct. 

     Communication refers to much mote than speech and writing, any form of communication, or equipment used for communication is subject to Mercury's dark cloud. This means, of course, computers for one. Back up your files before a Mercury retrograde, be extra careful of picking up viruses, and have some patience with your computer slowing down or having glitches. Computer networks and phone systems are often plagued with problems during a retrograde. You may find you often don't get as good of cell phone or television reception, either. Be careful with your bills, you are equally likely to forget to pay one, or get over charged. Always keep your receipts for purchases you may have to return, or payments, that could get lost and never shown in your account.

     There are many effects of a Mercury retrograde that aren't communication related. Accidents being one of them. Traffic is difficult in general during a retrograde with careless drivers, traffic jams, and frequently malfunctioning traffic lights. So it really isn't surprising that wrecks are more likely. However, traffic isn't the only area where accident's are likely to occur. People tend to trip, drop things, spill things, and sometimes things seem to fall apart with no help from humans. Appliances and machines in general are more likely to malfunction during a retrograde, although to a much lesser degree if the aren't communication related. However, Mercury has a particular affinity with locks and keys. Don't be surprised if your lock jams, and be sure you know where your extra set of keys are, in case you lose them.

     Do you have pets? If so, you are aware they can make your life rather chaotic at times, especially if they live in the house. During a Mercury retrograde is one of those times. Because Mercury rules domestic animals they are particularly susceptible to his influence. Besides having the same tendency toward confusion and misunderstanding as their human friends, animals tend to get contrary and sometimes eccentric. This is when the normally well behaved pet decides to act up, and the not so well behaved ones get worse. The housebroken puppy forgets his training, and the lazy cat climbs the drapes. The horse decides to escape her pen and the parrot learns foul language. 

     There is a strong connection between Mercury and health. If you must go to a doctor for diagnosis during a Mercury retrograde, get a second (third and fourth) opinion. It's difficult to get a correct diagnosis, and you are likely to develop one or two symptoms not related to your problem, just to make it more confusing. Don't have an optional surgery either, or at least part of it will probably have to be redone. Be careful with health in general, as not only injuries from accident, but other health problems are more likely. Conversely, if you have a medical problem that doctors have been unable to diagnose, you might fare better during a Mercury retrograde, when everyone looks at things a little differently.