One classic definition of a Mercury retrograde is ‘communication breakdown', and to sum it up in two words, that's a pretty good description. Mercury rules communication, so this is by far the hardest hit area. During a Retrograde the mail goes astray, the delivery driver doesn't have your package on the truck, and your morning paper lands in the neighbors driveway. You will forget things, make paperwork errors, make typos, get ‘your tongue tangled up’, misunderstand things… the list goes on and on, but you get the picture. This is a time to always, double check your facts, be careful of errors, and don't sign anything if you can avoid it. Always try to get you paperwork in order, correspondence caught up, and details worked out before a Mercury retrograde. Anything of this nature that can be scheduled around those three weeks, either done in advance or postponed, should be.


     During a Mercury retrograde isn't the time for making speeches, having difficult conversations, or any situation where you want to make you point in a clear and concise manner. Nothing is clear and concise when Mercury is retrograde. Odds are, you won't say quite the right thing, and others won't take quite the right way. In any conversation remember the likelihood of miscommunication and misunderstandings. Mercury retrograde causes many unnecessary arguments, and sometimes even hard feelings between friends and loved ones due to innocent misunderstandings. When you start hearing or saying: "I know what you really meant!" "I wasn't lying to you, I was sure that was accurate" "I would have sworn that's what you said" - thank Mercury. 


     Because Mercury has a direct effect on people's thought process, you may find yourself just unable to ‘think straight', or worse yet, when you believe you are clear headed, and sharp minded, you're really off in left field. Don't make important decisions or plans during this time. Not only is your own thinking process at least somewhat altered, the facts aren't all there. Mercury retrogrades are famous for missing information. You decide to plan your vacation. You have all the facts, you've double checked them, you are sure of yourself. Arrangements are made, you can afford it, - there are no flaws in your plan. Then, a couple of weeks later, you discover an envelope, unopened, that had fallen behind your desk. You open it and see a Jury Duty notification, the date is right in the middle of your scheduled trip to Mexico!