Zodiac signs ruled by Mercury: Virgo and Gemini

Houses ruled by Mercury: Third and Sixth

Day of the week: Wednesday

Colors: Yellow, Indigo, Yellow-Green


Mercury is all about communication. He represents everything from your manner of speech and hand writing style to your perceptive skills. This is where you find some things easy or difficult to express, and how you prefer to express them. He is your love or hatred for reading, writing, and public speaking. He represents your immediate thoughts and how you process information. Does your mind race or slowly analyze . Do you notice what is said or what is implied? Are you easily scattered or do you have a one track mind? It probably depends on the situation, and how your mind handles what situation depends on the placement of your Mercury. He is how you communicate with the world around you and vise versa.


The planet Mercury was named after the ancient Roman god Mercury.  He is the god of trade, and also the messenger of the other gods.  In Greek mythology, Mercury's equivalent is Hermes, the messenger god, who is also god of literature, and merchants.  In Norse mythology, Mercury's equivalent is Woden.  Wednesday, the Mercury ruled day, was named after Woden.


Mercury is the closest known planet to the Sun, and about two fifths the size of Earth.  Mercury's orbit around the Sun takes 88 days.  However, his cycle through the Zodiac is approximately 365 days, the same as the Sun.  Because astrological positions are relative to our point of view on earth, he move backwards in the Zodiac when he is circling the other side of the Sun.  That is where we get mercury retrogrades.  His retrograde cycle is about 3 weeks every 3 months.  


The symbol of Mercury depicts the cross of matter, with the circle of spirit elevated above, and the crescent of soul elevated above that.  Just as Mercury is considered messenger of the gods, we see the wisdom of the soul and the knowledge of matter, meeting in, and being passed through the circle of spirit.


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