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Zodiac Sign: Cancer

House: Fourth

Day: Monday

Colors: White, Gray, Silver, Pale Blue


Your Moon is your emotional nature. It relates to your inner self, often reflecting the things you keep hidden to protect your ‘sensitive side’. Your moon is where you may be moody, indulgent, or easily wounded. It’s also where you find contentment, and what tells you when something feels right, safe, or comfortable. This is where you ‘feel’ good, bad, tuned in, uneasy etc.


The origins of the name Moon, like Sun are unknown.  One common theory is that it came from the Latin mensis, meaning month.  The word mensis, likely came from the base me- (to measure), as the Moon was the measurement of months in ancient times.  The Moon-ruled day is Monday, and it was simply named after our word Moon.

Diana is the Roman Moon goddess.  She is also goddess of nature, fertility and childbirth.  In Greek mythology, the Moon goddess is Selene, although Artemis is closely associated with the roman Diana, and depicted by the symbol of a crescent Moon.  Other Moon-deities include:

Aningan - Inuit Moon go

Mawu - Sbromey Moon god

Coyolxauhqui - Aztec Moon Goddess

Ix Chl - Mayan Moon Goddess

Mawau - Dahomey Moon goddess

Khons - Egyptian Moon God


The Moon is about a third the size of earth, with one sixth the gravity of earth.  The Lunar cycle, from New Moon to New Moon is 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 2 seconds.  The time it takes for the Moon to complete a cycle through the wheel of the Zodiac is 27 days, 7 hours, 43 Minutes, 4.7 seconds.  Throughout the cycle, she always keeps her face turned towards earth.  It takes 27 days, 7 hours, 43 minutes, and 11.5 seconds for the Moon to complete her orbit around earth, and exactly the same length of time for her to complete a rotation on her axis.  Therefore, from earth we always see the same side of the Moon.  


The symbol of the Moon depicts the crescent of the soul, touching it's reflection.  Like the Sun, this is symbolic of it's function in out universe, as well as our charts.  The Moon reflects the light of the Sun down to earth, and her constant connection with the earth is evidenced by the tides of the sea, as well as the astrological influences.  In astrology the Moon is representative of the soul; she is our intuition when we are in touch with guiding forces, and our actions reflect unknown or unseen circumstances.  This is also where we find compassion and empathy, as we reflect and connect with what others are feeling.