The Moon is now waxing (increasing in light) and 0% to 25% illuminated.  This phase lasts about 3.5 days following New Moon; it will be about 14.75 days until Full Moon (from the beginning of this phase).  This is the first in the 8 phases of the Lunar month.  The New Moon phase begins with the day of New Moon itself, when the Sun/Moon angle is zero degrees. It continues until the Sun/Moon angle reaches 45 degrees (when the Crescent Moon Phase will begin). This is the first half of the New Moon Quarter. During this phase the Moon goes from not visible at all, to a thin sliver of a crescent shape in the early evening western sky. The New Moon rises and sets with the Sun. The name New Moon is used in both astrology/magick and astronomy.


This is the very beginning of the brand new lunar cycle, and that is the feeling it brings. Now is when we turn our attention to what is fresh and new, there is a feeling of excitement and apprehension. We are looking at a blank canvas, immersed in the possibilities of what may fill it. This is the time for vision, passion, and action. New ideas abound, inner desires surface, the vision is vivid, yet not quite defined. There is a bit of hesitation, as instinct warns that once the first step is made, the direction of the path is set. Yet the enthusiasm of the universe overcomes this hesitation, and we not only take the first step, but dive right in - impulsively, almost unknowingly.

New Moon is the phase of new beginnings. You may not be aware you are beginning anything at all, in fact this is often a time with little conscious awareness of direction. This is a time of emotion, desire, and spontaneity. We are forming goals and intentions, not cohesive plans and rational ideas. We are in tune with ourselves, what we want and what we need; this self-knowledge is not filtered and subdued by the ' rational' facts - if, where, and how it fits into our plans. This is the phase of the visionary, we have a vision of where we are going, and a keen insight toward what is within.



Remember, all is new, the possibilities are endless. Ask yourself: "What do I want?" "What do I need?" "Where do I want to go?" Don't ask the hows and whys; shoulds and shouldn'ts. Not right now. This is a time to form your goal, your intent, and your vision. These things often happen spontaneously, on an almost subconscious level. Focus on it, and form a clear picture, develop awareness. Have a vision, a goal that is emotionally satisfying, and answers what your inner self is telling you.

We will form our intentions and act on them, whether deliberate or unknowingly. That's what this phase is about. It's not about the plans and details that go with goals. It has been said that a dream is a goal without a plan. Then this is the time to see, develop, and nurture the dream - as it must come before the plan. We need trust and faith in ourselves, and our ability to manifest this dream. As the Lunar Cycle progresses, we will develop the plans, work out the details, acquire the resources, gather the information - adapting and evolving the vision we now hold as it becomes necessary. But first, the intention needs to be clear - you decide where you want to go, before looking at a map and planning the route or else the coarse of least resistance is liable to take you where you don't want to be.


There is a very common theme in everything relating to the New Moon Phase, which is very simply new. It's the beginning of the Lunar Cycle, the beginning of new goals and dreams, the beginning of a new level of self awareness. This is also the time for any other sort of new beginning. Start new projects, make positive changes, form new routines, get a new perspective on an old problem, or commit to a new and better attitude. This is a fresh start. Begin a new step or phase of a long-term project. Start reading a new book. Meet new people. Try a new recipe.

The cycle of life follows the Lunar Cycle.  During this phase, she is not building and increasing, she is beginning. Although this is an appropriate and quite productive time for continued growth and building on what you've previously began, that's not the very most productive use of the energy. Following the Moon, mirroring her actions with your own you fall in perfect rhythm with the natural flow. And the natural energy flow right now is taking what did not visibly exist and growing it into full, bright, beautiful manifestation. The Moon is, or course, never gone or non-existent. Lunar power and energy is extremely strong on the day of New Moon. But it is power of darkness, what is unseen, what is before and between manifestations. By the end of this phase we can catch a brilliant shimmering glimpse of what is beginning to manifest into the visible world. This is the time to begin putting into action what has existed in your thoughts, ideas, emotions or soul that has not yet began to manifest into the visible world.


Are you looking for the perfect time to launch an important project or event? Although any phase during the waxing portion of the lunar cycle is good for beginning things, the New Moon Phase adds it's own energy and force. With the entire cycle ahead, this phase is full of promise, enthusiasm and room for growth. This may be the perfect time for beginning things that need a lot of momentum, and have a long way to go.  Things that are began during the New Moon have a tendency to perpetually evolve, sometimes lacking clear planning or structure.  There is a vivid and inspirational quality, often attracting attention.  This is a good time for endeavors of a creative, or spiritual nature, where perpetual und unforeseen evolution is a benefit.  It's also a good time for things you want publicity, or public attention.

It is also well-suited (in fact often better suited) for taking the next big step in an ongoing project. The lunar cycle is short, and most important undertakings span several cycles. The New Moon Phase is the beginning of the next cycle the end of the last cycle. It is something brand new, yet just another step in an ongoing spiral. When you find yourself at that point, of beginning something new that is a new beginning within an existing cycle, the New Moon phase May be the perfect time.