There are many fields of astrology, and methods of practicing astrology. Some view it as a science; some view it as an art. To some it is simply a factual tool; to some it is spiritually meaningful. Some feel it is personal; some feel it is universal. To me, it is all of the above, and much more.

I have been criticized for blending astrology and cosmology. In some schools of thought astrology should be strictly what affects each individual as if they were entirely separate and disconnected from humanity and our Mother Earth.  From this perspective, it is suggested that world-wide events and cycles should be called cosmology, and considered to have no impact on the individual.

I am a professional astrologer, I am also a Pagan and a Witch. From my perspective there are not clear lines and distinct separations. We all experience what Mother Earth experiences, what fellow man and Earth's other children experience, and what we individually experience. We are not distinctly separate from Earth, or from humanity as a whole.

Pagan astrology is a blend of your own personal astrological cycles such as your Solar Return, and the collective cycles such as the Moon Phases. Each of us are living our individual lives, following our own unique path. Yet we know, each life is an individual manifestation of Mother Earth. We are all one, yet we are each individual, and we are connected with each other, the world and the universe.  Our experience throughout this incarnation is a blend of the personal, and greater whole of which we are a part.

It is about the phases and cycles.  It's about each individuals response to the planetary energies. It's about our Mother Earth, and how she responds to the energies of the other planets. It's about the God(s) and Goddess(es), as they are associated with specific planets. In short, it's about everything; like spirituality it is all encompassing, intimately personal yet infinitely connected.

We are not alone and isolated, facing a series of random, meaningless events in an pointless existence ending with death. We know we are part of a greater whole, and every moment is part of a greater cycle. The cycles of nature, of life death and rebirth, the wheel of the year, the phases of the Moon… These are Pagan and Wiccan guiding lights.


Do you celebrate Yule, or have a ritual on Full Moon? Time your spells on the appropriate day of the week? Practice Drawing Down the Moon? If so, you are already using astrology, and aware of it's connection to the craft.

The Sabbats mark the Sun's path through the Zodiac. His entry into Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn mark the equinoxes, with the cross-quarter Sabbats falling exactly half way in-between the equinoxes.

The Moon phases are aspects between the Sun and Moon.  Full Moon occurs when they oppose, and New Moon occurs when they conjoin. The phases in-between are squares, semi-squares, and sesquiquadrates.   

Every planet has it's own cycles through the Zodiac, like the Solar year. Every aspect between planets is part of a cycle, like the Moon Phases.  Astrology is about understanding, following and utilizing many natural cycles. It is a spiritual tool, and a tool of the craft.

Any spell or ritual will be affected by the influences at work at that given moment. It makes no difference (astrologically) whether you consider the other deities to be individual, or aspects of the God and Goddess.  The other planets, like the Sun and Moon, carry the energy of Deities. We can connect with them more easily when their planet is stronger. We may get less desirable results when their planet is weak or afflicted.

The signs of the Zodiac have their own meanings and connections. Each sign is 'ruled by' one or two planets. That sign is connected to the associated Deity. The signs influence the planets occupying them. Under a Libra Moon we find the Lunar Goddess more friendly toward matters of the heart. An Aries Moon would ideal for contacting the warrior Goddess.

The days of the week and hours of the day are ruled by specific planets. We can time spells and rituals, as well as other activities, according to the appropriate planet.  We can use herbs, incense and candle colors fitting with the astrological influences to give them more power.


Astrology is all inclusive. It's a guide to oneself, and the cycles of life. It's a tool for refining and troubleshooting spells or rituals. It's a way to connect with the Deities and spirits more easily. However, that doesn’t mean that astrology isn't the things you typically hear.

Pagan, Witch, Wiccan, Mystic… these are simply terms for spiritual/religious beliefs and practices. It does not mean we are exempt from the same issues facing people from every walk of life, and every religion (or lack thereof).  We still shop and eat, have romances and family issues, pursue careers, start businesses, follow politics…

Magickal astrology isn't exclusive of traditional uses and interpretations, as magickal lives aren't exclusive of traditional issues. Astrology is a tool of understanding, working with, harnessing, and celebrating the natural energies and cycles. This applies in any context. Including the esoteric aspect of astrology simply gives us a deeper understanding, and a broader scope of potential application.