If you came here asking what faith/religion/path is right for me, you won't find a simple answer.  Although it is indicated in the birth chart, there are many paths and many faiths, and many variations of each to choose from.  There is usually more than one possibility fitting the description shown in a birth chart.  Besides this, like every area of existence, there is free will.  

You can choose any path you like, and the choice must come from within.  I have found that there is rarely a pre-defined path that fits anyone perfectly.  Some people are eclectic, holding beliefs from various faiths.  Some are of two or more faiths, finding they both (or all) feel right and are compatible.  Some find a faith that feels right for them, but they find their own enlightenment, enriching, and expanding the traditional teachings.   Some have their own beliefs and practices, not even putting a label on it.  I will never tell someone anything like "You were meant to be Wiccan" or "Hinduism is right for you"

What astrology can do for you is help you find your own path.  This is an answer that is within, and if you haven't found it what you need is help looking inside.  Astrology can help you find your own path, realize what is holding you back or confusing the issue.  Astrology can help you develop skills, deepen understanding, and learn how to open yourself up.

Perhaps your upbringing planted seeds you're unaware of, confusing your natural instincts.  Maybe you feel compelled to conform to or rebel against the ‘social standard’ amongst your friends, or cultural traditions of your family.  Maybe you have been attending workshops, meetings, or seminars in areas you think are of interest but you don't feel comfortable, and think you're on the wrong track.  Faith may be too private for you to open yourself and expose your soul in a public environment.  Perhaps you have been reading books but you need a personal mentor or guru you can connect with.  These are just a few examples of things that may be keeping you from finding your path, and your natal chart or transit can help you see what.

There are times, depending on what influences are currently working in your chart, that you are more or less spiritually receptive.  There are times when you're naturally in tune spiritually.  There are times when you're likely to be confused or mislead in this area.  Astrology can show you when to follow those subtle hints, and when to question what you're presented with.  

When you are spiritually seeking, you often get advice (sometimes unsolicited) from every direction.  You find yourself noticing other's beliefs, intrigued and confused by the variety of ‘truths’ you hear and read everywhere you go.  By looking transits, we can see what areas may provide helpful or detrimental influences.  You may be naturally inclined to trust your significant other, but not your co-workers.  There may also be strong spiritual aspects in your house of career, bringing enlightenment from an unexpected source. And there may be spiritual challenges occurring in your house of romance, bringing misleading advice with the best of intentions.

There are endless possibilities.  There is something out there that will feel just right, opening up new worlds as soon as you find it.  The answer is inside you.  Astrology can help you find it.