Pisces Moon at a glance


Pisces has a reputation as the most spiritual sign. In reality, the entire Zodiac relates to spirituality, but Pisces is by far the most open to the unseen. When the Moon is here, it's time to focus on anything and everything that isn't definitive or solid.

Things began under a Pisces Moon tend to grow and spread quickly as this is an extremely fertile sign. However, they lack focus and definition. It's the time to strive for openness, and emotional or spiritual growth and experience. If what you are seeking is within the realms of creativity, imagination, or the intangible side of reality this is the perfect Moon. However, if you set goals and make plans now, they will likely be lost or evolve into something altogether different.

The Pisces Moon makes people tend toward nostalgia, empathy, imagination, and flexibility. There is a contemplative, wandering, feeling to this Moon. It's a time when anything seems possible, yet nothing seems certain.

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