The Fish, the traditionally dreamy, unrealistic, and overly emotional sign of the Zodiac.  Pisces brings the official last days of winter.  Spring fever abounds, plants are sprouting like crazy, animals emerging care-free.  There is an impatience to be done with winter now, everything seems to be focused on the more frequent spring like days.  This unquestioning belief in what's not yet here, instinctive understanding of seasonal evolution is Pisces.  Where it falls in your chart you have the ability to accept the unknown as your reality.  Not by living in a fantasy world, but by sensing the reality beyond facts and figures.  This is where you are your most creative, imaginative, and intuitive.  Here you are not limited by science, proven facts and the here and now.  You can freely think ahead, look back, and make something new and creative out of what you have now.