Zodiac sign ruled by Pluto: Scorpio

House ruled by Pluto: Eighth

Day of the week: Tuesday

Colors: Black, Burgundy, Blood Red, Dark Purple


Pluto is all about depth, power and darkness. He is how you deal with death, crisis and tragedy. This is where you keep your deepest wounds and most traumatic memories. This is also where you find your deepest desires and truest, raw emotions. This is how you deal with the ‘ugly truth’ whether you have a fascination with the taboo or shy away, it’s your Pluto reacting. He is the part of you that is capable of comprehending and facing the inevitable, and the darker aspects of the world around you as well as within you. This is a planet of absolute, often harsh, reality.


Pluto takes his name from the Roman god of the underworld, Pluto.  He is the judge of the dead, and brother to Jupiter and Neptune.  In Greek mythology his counterpart is Hades, ruler of the underworld and brother to Zeus and Poseidon.


Pluto is typically the farthest planet from the Sun, although he moves closer to earth than Neptune for about 20 years during each cycle.  It takes about 248 years for Pluto to complete his orbit around the Sun, as well as through the Zodiac.  However, his speed varies greatly, so he spends between 12 and 28 years in one Zodiac Sign.  Each year, he spends about 5 months in retrograde.  Astronomically, little is really known for sure about this far away planet of mysteries and hidden secrets.  Astronomers estimate that the temperature on Pluto would be a fridge -375˚, and his size is probably about a fifth that of earth.  Although Pluto was considered a planet be astrologers and astronomers alike for over 70 years following his discovery, this classification came into question in the scientific community in recent years.  Due to his estimated size, and the pattern of his orbit the IAU classed Pluto as a ‘dwarf planet’ in 2006.  Once again, in 2008 they changed their minds and decided Pluto is not a planet at all, but a celestial body in a class called Plutoids.  Pluto is the only member of the class.  The decision was not well received, even among astronomers, drawing criticism from some NASA officials.  From an astrological point of view, Pluto is a planet.  This is an extremely powerful point in a birth chart, and Pluto transit can have a dramatic life-changing impact.  I have personally observed, as well as felt this.  The effects and energy didn't change with the decision of an association.  If you have seen elsewhere that Pluto is not a planet, remember this is the controversial opinion of a few astronomers.  To me, as well as the vast majority (it's never safe to say all) of astrologers, Pluto is a planet - and a very powerful one at that.


The symbol of Pluto depicts the crescent of the soul elevated above the cross of matter, with the circle of spirit elevated above both.  Pluto incorporates all three aspects of life, as symbolized in the astrological glyphs.  Here spirit and soul are above matter, showing that the energy of Pluto is primarily a spiritual and emotional one.  However, this is an energy effecting, and effected by the physical world, as we see symbolized by the cross of matter as a base.  Here, body and soul are strongly connected, while spirit is reaching beyond.  This shows the connection Pluto has with magickal experiences and power.