Sagittarius Moon at a glance



Sagittarius is the sign of new experiences and exotic places. When the Moon passes through Sagittarius she opens doors, and opens minds. This is the time to experiment and experience. Try something different.

What is began under a Sagittarius Moon can take off like wildfire. Quick action, growth, and continuous expansion are inherent to this placement. It's a good time for beginning things of a financial nature, or anything aimed at enriching your life. If you are seeking predictability, controllable growth, or a cautious approach it's best not to begin under this Moon.

The playful Sagittarius Moon often draws us into her adventurous spirit. It's a bit easier to take risks and strike out in a foreign direction under her guidance. Minds tend to open, yet Sagittarius is also a sign of belief. It can be a time of great educational, spiritual, or philosophical expansion. It can also lead to some heated debates when a nerve is touched relating to what one deeply believes.

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