Zodiac signs ruled by Saturn: Capricorn and Aquarius

Houses ruled by Saturn: Tenth and Eleventh

Day of the week: Saturday

Colors: Black, Brown, Maroon, Blue


Saturn is a serious, sometimes even repressive energy. This is where you find restrictions, both good and bad. He brings self control, wisdom, tradition and habits. When you have strength to go on under adverse circumstances and determination against impossible seeming odds you are relying on Saturn. On the other hand when you repress yourself, bowing to social pressure, insecurity, or fear of failure the darker side of Saturn is taking control. He builds walls, the ones that provide structure and support as well as the ones that block your path.


The planet Saturn was named after the Roman god Saturn.  He is the father of Jupiter.  In Greek mythology, Saturn's equivalent is Cronus, son of Zeus.  Saturday is ruled by Saturn, and derived it's name from the Roman god.


Saturn is nearly as large a Jupiter, measuring 10 times the size of Earth, with many moons in orbit around him.  It takes about 29½ years for Saturn to complete his orbit around the Sun, as well as through the Zodiac.  Each year, he spends about 5½ months in retrograde motion.  Saturn is the farthest planet easily visible from earth, and was the last of the 7 planets and luminaries known to ancient astrologers and astronomers.   As the ruler of boundaries and structure, Saturn marks the end of the inner planets, the familiar, known and visible is contained within the parameters of his orbit.  His importance in the ‘governing’ the 7 inner planets is symbolized by the 7 icy rings around the planet.  This is Saturn's most notable and famous feature.


The symbol of Saturn depicts the cross of matter elevated above the crescent of the soul.  This shows us that, within the Saturnine realms, the practical, logical, physical and material world is often held in the highest regard.  This is why Saturn is generally considered a  non-emotional influence.  However, it's important to note that the cross of matter is touching the crescent of the soul.  This is because, despite the rigidly and icy practicality of Saturn's methods in reaching goals, the goals themselves don't come out of the blue.  When functioning properly, the foundation of Saturn's purpose is the ultimate development of the soul.  Likewise, the deep wisdom gain through the often challenging experiences we encounter within Saturn's realm, are passed on to the soul, providing growth and enrichment on the deepest level.