Scorpio Moon at a glance



Scorpio is the most intense sign of the Zodiac, producing he most intense Moon transits. This is the time of power - building it, using it, or being confronted with the power of other people/events.

Anything began under a Scorpio Moon takes on a depth, intensity and power of its own. They can be challenging to control, and even more difficult to end (or re-start if you are initiating an ending) if you should change your mind. If you are seeking ultimate reality - the good the bad and the ugly - this is the time. It's not the time for hesitant beginnings, or seeking a predictable, controllable defined path.

While the Moon is passing through Scorpio, she stirs some pretty powerful emotions. People struggling with emotional problems such as depression, or obsession often find it intensifying under a Scorpio Moon. In fact, we are all prone to run face first into our most difficult emotions bubbling to the surface.

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