The Scorpion, viewed as passionate to a fault, obsessive, and compulsive.  Scorpio reigns in the heart of fall.  There is a sense of urgency now, animals desperate to prepare for winter and plants ripening their seeds to sow for the coming year.  Every being seems keenly aware of the coming perils and what is not going to survive.  It seems as if all growth ceases ant the ultimate seasonal transition is sharply in focus.  That is the energy of Scorpio, and where it falls in your chart you have the ability for intensity, transition, awareness, and acceptance of the darker side as another natural phase.  This doesn't mean becoming obsessed and depressed, it means understanding the shadow-side of things, accepting your losses and realizing an ending is a transformation to approach a new beginning, while drawing on your deepest emotions and drives to power you through the most difficult times.



Ruling Planet - Mars and Pluto

Element - Water

Triplicity - Fixed

Duality - Feminine

Day of the Week - Tuesday

Symbol - Scorpion

Colors - Dark, moody, or luminous colors; Black, Maroon, Indigo

Plants - Wormwood, Blessed Thistle, Basil, Heather, Orchid,

Stones - Snakestone, Bloodstone, Ruby