Are you looking for a little extra guidance, some warning of what may be coming into your life, or a deeper understanding of your inner self? Then you need an astrologer.

Astrology is a vast resource for every aspect of your life. From spiritual development to career advancement; romance, event planning, and more - astrology can give you the edge you need.

I have been practicing astrology for many lifetimes, and my mission in this lifetime is to share the magick of astrology with you. I have designed this website to provide information and help free of charge and accessible to everyone as much as possible. Whenever you feel like you need to visit your astrologer, I hope you will come back here.

Sometimes general forecasts and horoscopes, even computer generated reports aren't enough. That is when you need a personal reading. I offer natal as well as transit chart readings by email, available for order online. If you would like to schedule an appointment by telephone, or need an email reading of a specific type please contact me. See the specialized readings page for more information.  

Birth Chart Reading

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Transit forecast.

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Specialized Readings

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